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This is world-s most costly advertisement and the winner of last year-s best advert of the world. It took 606 takes and re-takes to make at a cost of 6.2 million dollars for this 90 second commercial using Honda car parts...could probably make a movie for that. Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision. The team that made this commercial won many awards.
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Incredible Rube Goldberg machine like demonstration. Talent ein Francais. France tem o talent.
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Man is surprised after prostate exam.
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Take a great theme song -The Color Purple- and a very talented woman on talk show. Lyrics -Remember your name. Sister.- Steve Spielberg picture based on Alice Walker book starring Whoopi Goldberg Oprah Winfrey Danny Glover Akosua Busia Margaret Avery etc. From -Miss Celie-s Blues -Sister- by Lionel Richie Quincy Jones Rod Temperton. From Portugese or Brazilian TV talk show.
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Looks like a courageous pro-Israel anti-Arab commercial by Honda for a hybrid in which a Middle Eastern speaker delivers an anti-Israel polemic but... Like some of the other questionable commercials discussed on the company had nothing to do with this prank video. So we have all been -hoaxed-. But the other Honda commercial advert is real -- a Rube Goldberg device -- which can be found by searching for -Honda-.
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