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Japanese magician and actor is made up to look like a grandfather with hilarious results including magic or sleight of hand and acrobatic stunts. Cyril Takayama or Sero is a thirtyish master illusionist of Ryukyuan and French descent who is best known for Japanese magic performances. Also see Cyril Removes Head Incredible Magic. Magicien japonais de grand-papa d-acteur. Mago japones del grandpa del agente. Japanischer SchauspielergroBvatermagier. Traduccion de Yahoo Babelfish.
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Kid is budding magician. After training he is able to begin to learn sleight of hand... Formation magique d-enfant en bas age. Magisches Training des jungen Kindes. Entrenamiento magico del nino joven.
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Jessica Cox first and only licensed pilot with no arms. She plays the piano -- and now flies. -Inside Weekend-. Parrish Traweek Flight Instructor in Arizona. Her motto -Look Mom No Hands-
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Lancement d-une demonstration de lame de scies. Werfen einer Sageblattdemonstration. Sacudir una demostracion de la lamina de sierra. Thanks Yahoo BabelFish.
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Most Amazing Disabled Mother
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Amazing Shadow Hand Work as part of Volkswagen advert in Europe called -Aus Liebe zum Automobil- Deutschland
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Louie Armstrong song What a Wonderful World accompanies Shadow Hand Work from 7th Annual 2007 Helpmann Awards
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Chinese performers differently abled with disability display great ability as they perform ballet dance feats
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Demostracion de la barra de la nueva tecnologia de las comunicaciones -- Telefono celular de Nokia en cuerpo. Demonstracao da barra da tecnologia das comunicacoes nova -- Telefone de pilha de Nokia no corpo. Dimostrazione della barra di nuova tecnologia delle comunicazioni -- Telefono delle cellule di Nokia nel corpo. Stabdemonstration der neuen Kommunikationstechnologie -- Nokia-Handy im Korper. Demonstration de barre de nouvelle technologie des communications -- Telephone portable de Nokia dans le corps. De demonstratie van de bar van nieuwe communicatie technologie -- De celtelefoon van Nokia in lichaam. Danke Yahoo BabelFish.
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Evan Langoria baseball player with remarkably quick mind body reflexes does extraordinary bare hand baseball catch during television newscast interview. Evan Langoria joueur de baseball avec les reflexes de corps esprit remarquablement rapide fait main nue extraordinaire base-ball prises au cours de l-entretien de bulletin de nouvelles televise. Evan Langoria Baseballspieler mit bemerkenswert schnelle Geist-Korper-Reflexe hat auBergewohnliche bloBen Hand Baseball fangen wahrend der Nachrichtensendung Fernsehinterview. Beisbolista Evan Langoria con reflejos de cuerpo de mente muy rapida hace mano pelada extraordinaria captura de beisbol durante la entrevista del noticiero de television. Giocatore di baseball di Evan Langoria con riflessi corpo mente notevolmente veloce non cattura di baseball straordinaria mano nuda durante intervista televisiva telegiornale. Jogador de beisebol Evan Langoria com reflexos de corpo mente incrivelmente rapida faz capturas de beisebol extraordinaria mao nua durante entrevista de noticiario da televisao. Tampa Bay Florida Rays American League East.
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