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When a cat gets angry there will be hell to pay. Twee zeer boze katten. Deux chats tres faches. Felines have -discussion- over marital infidelity. Zwei sehr verargerte Katzen. Due gatti molto arrabbiati. Dois gatos muito irritados. Dos gatos muy enojados. Two kitties that are unhappy. Translated by Yahoo BabelFish.
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Demonstratie van hoe te om ei met intact shell te pellen. Demonstration de la facon eplucher l-oeuf avec la coquille intacte. Demonstration von wie man Ei mit intakt dem Oberteil abzieht. Demostracion de como pelar el huevo con la cascara intacta. Gracias a Yahoo BabelFish por la traduccion.
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Wall of lead or supersonic metal spear gun firepower demonstration from Metal Storm. Automatic 4 barrel gun. Also demo of explosive shells on firing range. Repeated fire mechanized by electronic ignition firing could be armor piercing. as featured on Discovery Channel.
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Wild ass weather scene probably from Phoenix or somewhere else in the Southwest. De enorme hagelbui komt in het woestijnZuidwesten de V.S. Ungeheurer Hailstorm kommt im Wuste Sudwesten US. Sturm des Hagels kommt im Wuste Südwesten USA. La tempesta di grandine arriva nel sud-ovest S.U.A. del deserto. La tormenta del granizo llega en el sudoeste los E.E.U.U. del desierto. L-orage de la grele arrive dans des Etats-Unis de sud-ouest de desert. Grace a Yahoo BabelFish de traduction.
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They say Hell Hath No Wrath and so we see that demonstrated in this advert for a Northern California San Francisco area auto repair place that says they can fix any automobile. Wikipedia says that the phrase originated with William Congreve an English playwright and poet who lived from 1670 to 1729. Originally appeared as -- Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned -- Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
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How to use a bobby pin and a few easy manipulations to escape handcuffs. But that is difficult or nearly impossible if the handcuffs are behind your back like the coppers or fuzz or policemen put them
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Forty percent through this video suddenly lightening strikes the airplane and the aircraft maintenance personnel or workers quickly run away. Quarante pour cent par le biais de cette video tout a coup de foudre frappe l-avion personnel d-entretien ou travailleurs rapidement s-enfuir. Vierzig Prozent durch dieses Video plotzlich Aufhellung erscheint das Flugzeug Wartungspersonal oder Arbeitnehmer schnell weglaufen. Quaranta per cento attraverso questo video improvvisamente alleggerimento colpisce l-aeroplano e l-aereo personale di manutenzione o lavoratori scappare velocemente. Quarenta por cento atraves deste video repente clareamento ataca o aviao pessoal de manutencao ou trabalhadores fugir rapidamente. Veertig procent via deze video plotseling bliksem lijkt het vliegtuig en het vliegtuig onderhoudspersoneel of werknemers snel weg te lopen. Bing Translator. Cuarenta por ciento a traves de este video de repente aligeramiento golpea el avion personal de mantenimiento o trabajadores huir rapidamente.
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Rowan Atkinson is the devil and he is welcoming new souls in Hell. And in this clip he gives everyone hell -- Fornicators. Murderers. Looters. Lawyers. Adulterers. French. Atheists. German. Christians. Jews.
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Memorable motocicleta ride. As part of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis South Dakota. Van Halen. -Jump- -Ah I might as well jump. Go ahead jump.- Songwriters -- Alex Van Halen Edward Van Halen David Lee Roth.
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SU-30 - two-seat training-combat jet based on Russian Air Force SU-27. Comparable in size and design with the American F-15 fighter. SU-30 designed as wide action range super-modern interceptor with titamium and aluminum alloy shell. SU-30 can fly with 9 g acceleration during aerobatic flying. first service 1987.
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