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Chinese father leaps from car to pull and grab and embrace his child in busy traffic intersection. International Business Times - China IBTimesTV. Pere de chinois saute de voiture pour tirer et de saisir et d-embrasser son enfant a l-intersection de trafic intense. International Business Times - Chine. Chinesischen Vaters springt aus Auto zu ziehen und zu packen und zu seinem Kind im dichten Verkehr Kreuzung zu umarmen. International Business Times - China. Padre chino salta del coche para tirar y agarrar a su hijo en el cruce de intenso trafico. International Business Times - China. Kinesisk far spring fra bil til at traeke og grab og omfavne sit barn i travl trafik krydset. International Business Times - Kina. Kiinan isa hyppaa autosta vetaa ja napata ja omaksua hanen lapsensa vilkkaaseen liikenteen. International Business Times - Kiina. Pai chines pula do carro para puxar e agarrar e abracar seu filho na intersecao de trafego ocupado. International Business Times - China. Gracas a Microsoft Bing Translator.
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Silly sexy guitar playing from Russian website featuring South Beach Miami New York NYC
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Brave Medal of Honor three separate acts of heroism. Robert Howard. Toughest fighter of the modern era. Eight Purple Hearts. Most heavily decorated American. Viet Nam. Laos. Cambodia. Wounded 14 times. 2 Masters degrees.
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Saving a humpback whale that was entangled in fishing gear in waters off Chile. After intensive diving and cutting web of fishing nets. Afterwards the whale spent an hour thanking the Chilean family and showing them that she was all free. From -the dodo-.
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Young humpback whale becomes entangled in fishing nets and fishing gear getting in trouble and needs saving by local heroes like... Volunteers from the local animal showcase -- SeaWorld San Diego La Jolla California USA. Inside Edition. Inside Edition is an American television newsmagazine.
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Heartwarming story of Jason McElway basketball manager turned hero. Like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump or Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man Jason is -special- since he suffers from autism. From Greece Athena High School Rochester NY
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Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler demonstrate ability to go uphill.
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Person of the Week Bert Brady from Dallas-Fort Worth Texas USA gives patriotic welcome home hero. Soldier is greeted by smiling faces when he or she returns home from Iraq or Afganistan.
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When you become rich you can host yacht parties but also... Become a Mario Brother or a Super Hero. Wear your wedding dress anywhere. Make it rain -- cheese. From BuzzFeed.
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