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It is the idyllic Garden of Eden and everything is wonderful wonderful wundervoll except maybe it might be more like Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve... From Dutch sketch advert for Centraal Beheer insurance Apeldoorn Achmea. Bekijk de nieuwste commercial.
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La vez proxima excepto que numero de telefono para el seguro de coche. Next time you might want to save that phone number. La volta prossima a parte il fatto che numero di telefono per assicurazione auto. Volgende tijd behalve dat telefoonaantal voor autoverzekering. La fois prochaine sauf que numero de telephone pour l-assurance auto.
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Yes ladies. Men really can be this clueless. We really are from Mars. But at least we are willing to share our beer. In this advert it is Amstel Bier originally from Amsterdam now owned by Heinken.
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Surprise twist PG-rated Netherlands humor
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Four gathered together 1. Testing testes reflexes. 2. Aussie Kiwi Bacon for the vegetarian. 3. Chocolate hands selling Wiener Statdtische Insurance. 4. Way to avoid getting a parking ticket illustrated. Nissan Micra.
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Gotta keep that Heineken bier cold...
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Las Vegas on the Strip. -Green Sally Up- by Moby. Hurst. Drag racing. Mopar Club Holland.
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Kids egg Easter jokes pranks stunts. -Ook zo-n zin in Pasen- means -Just getting ready for Easter- in Dutch. Van het eiPasen van jonge geitjes van de grappenstreken. Arrets de polissons de plaisanteries de Paques d-oeufs d-enfants. Kindei Ostern-Witzstreichbremsungen. Prodezze di burle di scherzi di Pasqua dell-uovo dei bambini. Conluios das partidas dos gracejos de Easter do ovo das criancas. Trucos de las bromas de Pascua del huevo del los ninos. From www.Publi.TV.
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U denkt u weet hoe de engte een Westeuropese de autogarage van het autovoertuig kan zijn maar het is nog smaller dan dat. You think you know how narrow a Western European car motor vehicle auto garage but it is still narrower than that. Vous pensez que vous savez l-etroit un garage automatique d-Europe occidentale mais lui de vehicule a moteur de voiture est encore plus etroit que celui. Sie denken dass Sie konnen Enge eine westeuropaische AutoKraftfahrzeugselbstgarage aber -es noch schmaler als die ist. Pensate che sappiate lo stretto un garage auto d-Europa occidentale ma esso dell-autoveicolo dell-automobile e ancora piu stretto di quello. Voce pensa que voce sabe estreito um ocidental - garagem europeia mas do veiculo motorizado do carro a auto e ainda mais estreitas do que aquela. Usted piensa que usted sabe el estrecho un garage auto de Europa occidental pero el del vehiculo de motor del coche es todavia mas estrecho que ese. Dank aan Yahoo BabelFish.
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A good method for ensuring that you can install a tap in the living room is demonstrated in this video comedic advert for BeerTender biers.
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