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Owners demonstrate the skill of each of their dogs in a humorous manner to advertise a certain brand of beer
Channels Animals Comedy
Added: 4143 days ago by caesarg
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Man cannot resist beer
Added: 4155 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Everybody has gone surfing including the bulldogs in Surfing USA probably Huntington Beach Los Angeles Manhattan Beach California Pacific Ocean Bulldog. Beach Boys Ventura Surf boards San Onofre Redondo La Jolla
Added: 1170 days ago by caesarf
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Hund benutzt als Lockvogel um Elche auszufullen. Hond die als valstrik wordt gebruikt om Amerikaanse elanden uit te spoelen. Perro usado como trampa para enjuagar alces. Chien employe comme leurre pour rincer des orignaux.
Added: 3403 days ago by caesarn
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Dye and hunt those Easter eggs but be careful... Eggs even hard-boiled are perishable. Easter is a major Christian holiday celebrated in the spring -- shortly after the Jewish holiday of Passover.
Channels News Medical
Added: 1171 days ago by caesarf
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Prescient vision of job hunt in the future for office professionals based on current hiring of migrant workers. Parody satire.
Channels Comedy Politics News
Added: 4048 days ago by caesarg
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Santa Claus Deer Slay Surprise
Added: 2745 days ago by cesara
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Imbecile hunter with rifle gun that misfires suddenly discovers that the rifle does indeed fire making a nice hole in his cap almost making a hole in his face too from recoil. Dummkopf-Jager mit Gewehr- das plotzlich misfires entdeckt- dass das Gewehr in der Tat ausgelost wird- machen ein schones Loch in seine Mutze fast ein Loch in seinem Gesicht aus RuckstoB zu machen. Imbecile chasseur avec fusil qui rates soudainement detecte que le fusil ne tire en effet faire un beau trou dans sa casquette presque faire un trou dans son visage trop de recul. Imbecil cazador con rifle que falla repentinamente descubre que el rifle hecho fuego haciendo un bonito agujero en su gorra casi haciendo un hueco en su cara tambien de retroceso. Traducido por MS Bing Translator.
Channels Sports Comedy Tech
Added: 1419 days ago by caesarn
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Interesting method of getting food in the Arctic perhaps Japanese fox
Channels Animals Comedy
Added: 4155 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity to break clay disks or clay ducks or clay pigeons but need a really big gun like on a tank for this shotgun rifle hunting. TontaubenschieBen ist ein Erholungs- und wettbewerbsfahige Ton Datentrager oder Ton Enten oder Tontauben zu brechen- sondern brauchen eine wirklich groBe Kanone fur dieses Gewehr Jagd. Tir au pigeon d-argile est une activite de loisir et de competition pour casser des disques d-argile ou de canards d-argile ou de pigeons d-argile- mais besoin d-un vraiment gros Canon pour cette de fusil de chasse. Tiro es una actividad recreativa y competitiva para romper discos de arcilla o patos de arcilla o barro palomas pero necesita un arma realmente grande para esta caza rifle de escopeta. Bing Translator.
Added: 2248 days ago by caesarn
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