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Jessica Cox first and only licensed pilot with no arms. She plays the piano -- and now flies. -Inside Weekend-. Parrish Traweek Flight Instructor in Arizona. Her motto -Look Mom No Hands-
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Ellen Stofan -- NASA Chief Scientist -- states that alien life will be discovered within our lifetime. We are on the verge in finding life on another planet. But not little green men -- just little green microbes... CNN -Inside Edition-
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Manhole Cover Explosion Knocks Man To The Ground. Xiangtan China. Things went horribly wrong when a father of 2 young children lit a firecracker and dropped it down inside a manhole cover. CCTV - China Central Television. Chinese Man krijgt oerknal mangat Cover explosie stoten Man op de grond. Xiangtan China. Dingen ging vreselijk mis toen een vader van 2 kinderen een firecracker verlicht en binnen een putdeksel daalde. Chinesischer Mann ruft Urknall Manhole Cover Explosion klopft Man auf den Boden. Xiangtan China. Dinge ging schrecklich schief- als Vater von 2 kleinen Kindern ein Kracher beleuchtet und sank innerhalb einer Kanaldeckel. Chinese Man obtient Big- Bang Manhole couverture Explosion frappe homme au sol. Xiangtan Chine. Choses ont horriblement mal tournes quand un pere de 2 jeunes enfants allume un petard et il est tombe vers le bas a l-interieur d-une plaque d-egout. Uomo cinese ottiene Big Bang Manhole Cover esplosione urti uomo a terra. Xiangtan Cina. Le cose sono andato terribilmente male quando un padre di 2 bambini piccoli acceso un petardo e sceso all-interno di un tombino. Homem chines Obtem Big Bang tampa de bueiro explosao homem bate no chao. Xiangtan China. As coisas ficaram terrivelmente erradas quando um pai de 2 filhos jovens acendeu um fogo de artificio e ele caiu dentro de uma tampa de bueiro. Gracas a Microsoft Bing Translator.
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USN US Navy SEAL extraction. Filmed inside an MH-47 Chinook helicopter. Marine pilot lowered ramp and dipped tail into water partially flooding compartment to allow Navy SEALs to board in F470 Zodiac. Very skilled personnel.
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What kind of arctic animal plays ping-pong the best is answered in this one of a kind Danish or other European video advertizement commercial. Carlsberg Sport. Sport inside.
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Inside the cruise ship. A l-interieur du bateau de croisiere. Im Inneren des Kreuzfahrtschiffes. Dentro de la nave de crucero. GroBe Kreuzfahrtschiff trifft schwere Wetter und fast die ganze Zeit zu kentern das Gerausch des Themas der TV show Love Boat. Large cruise ship hits heavy weather and nearly capsizes all the while to the sound of the theme of the TV show Love Boat. Crucero grande golpea una tormenta fuerte y casi vuelca todo el tiempo que el sonido del tema de la TV show Love Boat. Gracias a BingTranslator. Grand paquebot frappe le gros temps et presque chavire pendant tout ce temps pour le son du theme de la TV show Love Boat. Grace a BingTranslator.
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Mama has triplets and a two year old to wrestle into pajamas and into bed. Mother with Mom has fun in Inside Edition comedic video clip...
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Benji is a cute pup with no owner. He was found in Los Angeles a wild stray dog-mutt-pooch-puppy-hound is eventually captured and domesticated and eventually remade... Heartwarming story about the rescue and saving of a cute little pup. From Inside Edition - a CBS television TV news show.
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Young humpback whale becomes entangled in fishing nets and fishing gear getting in trouble and needs saving by local heroes like... Volunteers from the local animal showcase -- SeaWorld San Diego La Jolla California USA. Inside Edition. Inside Edition is an American television newsmagazine.
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Sexy woman undress but... You will never believe who is inside in this cross-dress transvestite transformation wind up gag slob. -Who-s Inside My Baby-. Mark Jackson. Scotland or British Isles.
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