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Moslem Cleric had terrorism in store for Australia. Illegal immigrant terrorist ordered out of Australia three times. But still received welfare.
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This anti-Arab video depicts possible problems throughout the world as more Islamic people become citizens. Anti-Arabisch gevoel in het Westen. Anti-Arab Gefuhl im Westen. Sentimento Anti-Arab nell-ovest. Sentimiento antiarabe en el oeste. Sentiment anti-arabe dans l-ouest.
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Warning from possible Arab bashing video showing Fundamentalist Islamic influence growing in Europe and the world as Mohammed influence grows. Shows self mutilation including youth. Germany. Great Britain. Insensitive...
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Fox News claims that Somalis in Minnesota are pushing for Islamic Law Sharia Law in places like Target stores and other places. Somalian folks are evidently attempting to bring their culture to the Twin Cities or other areas. Khat Illegal Drug.
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What would you do for fun if you were in Hamas and had explosives and construction tools is illustrated in this zany and somewhat scary video... Sledgehammer explosions by Palestinian Islamic Socio-Polication organization or movement often regarded as radical and terrorist.
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Tax payer fraud becomes major Aussie scandal. Muslim terrorist. Cleric. Steve Price accuses them of Australian welfare scam.
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Report on deportment behavior of the Israeli troops. Did much to safeguard civilian rights. Despite media manipulation by Islamic extremists. Gaza aid.
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