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Another act for reality show Nashville Star -- amazing man produces a multiplicity of sounds such as Michael Jackson and disco and rap sound effects and music
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Amazing sketch from -Britain Has Talent-. Michael Jackson better watch out for these Middle Eastern or Indian performers. To -Billie Jean- she is not my lover-. United Kingdom.
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Historical facts and American stupidity well-illustrated even on history of America on this stand-up comedian NBC-s Tonight Show who appeared as a character witness in the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson
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Funny spoof where clips of interviews of the famous are matched to Jay Leno skits asking hard very embarrasing leading questions of OJ Simpson Bill Clinton George W. Bush and Michael Jackson
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Sexy woman undress but... You will never believe who is inside in this cross-dress transvestite transformation wind up gag slob. -Who-s Inside My Baby-. Mark Jackson. Scotland or British Isles.
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