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-Back to the wall-. R and B. Rhythm and Blues Jazz combo. Izzy. BLT. T-Bone. Honky Homeworld Productions. T Bone Productions.
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Amazing Slovenian Group Perpetuum Jazzile imitates rain as lead in to their rendition of -African-. Humans Only. Or maybe synthesizer. From -Toto IV-. Song on as -Toto Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile-.
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Remarkable music accompanies extraordinary dance routine
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Strange alien-like creature says -it is a great day to whoop somebody-s butt- with strange music and audience behind. Whip some ass. Sung by Paul Thorn for the Bob and Tom Show based in Indianapolis Indiana and also shown on WGN America Chicago Illinois.
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Wild musical house. Seasonal video clip -Amazing Grace- first traditional formal and then jazz. Casa Iluminada Musica Navidad.
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Mnozil Brass ist ein osterreichischer Musik-Messing-Septett- gebildet von der Musikhochschule Wien Alumni--Humor--Klassik und jazz Musik inspiriert. Mnozil Brass is an Austrian music brass septet formed by Vienna College of Music alumni -- inspired by humor -- playing classical and jazz music. Mnozil messing is een Oostenrijkse muziek messing septet gevormd door Wenen College of Music alumni--geinspireerd door humor--jazz en klassieke muziek. Mnozil Brass est un septuor de cuivres autrichien de musique forme par des anciens du College de musique de Vienne--inspires par humour--jouant de la musique classique et jazz. Mnozil Brass es un septeto de laton de musica austriaca formada por ex alumnos de la Universidad de musica de Viena--inspirados en humor--tocando musica clasica y jazz. Mnozil Brass e um septeto de bronze austriaco de musica formado por alunos da faculdade de musica de Viena - inspirados pelo humor - tocando musica classica e jazz. Mnozil Brass e un settetto di ottone musica austriaca formata da alunni di Vienna College of Music - ispirati da umorismo - riproduzione di musica classica e jazz. Traduzione di BabelFish.
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Chocolate News according to Comedy Central is a magazine show hosted by -In Living Color- alum and Tony Award-nominee David Alan Grier makes no apologies for biased approach investigations inherently urban pop culture topics such as an operation to save black and white conjoined twins steroid use in Little Leaguers and a rapper-s public service announcement gone awry. The point-of-view is decidedly from an African American perspective and everyone and everything is fair game for Grier and his regular team of investigators.
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Funny pickup in hotel surprises -- with nice jazz background
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Britain-s Got Talent - Charlie Green -- Audition. Eleven year old sings his rendition of a Frank Sinatra song precocious -- -Summer Wind-.
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Danny Kaye and Louie Armstrong
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