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They say that size does not matter. In this case it does not seem Israel. Small country. Big paradise.
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Dye and hunt those Easter eggs but be careful... Eggs even hard-boiled are perishable. Easter is a major Christian holiday celebrated in the spring -- shortly after the Jewish holiday of Passover.
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Seasonal silliness in regard to Yom Kippur. Since your regular garage door opener should not be used on a Holy Day or the Sabbath or Shabbat or Shabbos maybe there is an alternative...
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Odd little tune that compares a diety G-d and that loving puppy.
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What would have happened if this Biblical character had been given the Ituran GPS.
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Middle East Humor exposes his bottom behind
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Demonstration of latest exterior evacuation technology from a high-rise building in Israel.
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The world seems to be upset by the Jew. Hitler. Nazi. Russians. Pogroms. Holocaust. Roman Catholic Inquisition. Repression. Crusaders. Palestine. Martin Luther cried to burn Jewish Churches Temples or Synagogue. From unrepentant proud Jewish man.
Added: 3413 days ago by cesara
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What would have happened for 40 years to Israelis and Moses if there was technology such as GPS. O que teria acontecido ha 40 anos aos israelitas- Moises se houvesse tecnologia como GPS. Lo que habria sucedido durante 40 anos a los israelies y Moises si hubo tecnologia como GPS. Cosa sarebbe successo per 40 anni per gli israeliani e Mose se c-era la tecnologia come GPS. Was ware passiert seit 40 Jahren an Israelis und Moses gabe es Technologien wie GPS. Que serait-il arriver depuis 40 ans aux Israeliens et Moise s-il y avait des technologies telles que les GPS. Wat zou zijn gebeurd voor 40 jaar aan Israeliers en Mozes als er technologie zoals GPS. Bing Translator. Jew. Israel. Joodse Jood. Juif. Judische Jude. Bing Translator. Iturna GPS -Global Positioning System- advert commercial. Palestine Israel Middle East
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Rowan Atkinson is the devil and he is welcoming new souls in Hell. And in this clip he gives everyone hell -- Fornicators. Murderers. Looters. Lawyers. Adulterers. French. Atheists. German. Christians. Jews.
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Added: 3558 days ago by caesarn
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