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Seasonal silliness in regard to Yom Kippur. Since your regular garage door opener should not be used on a Holy Day or the Sabbath or Shabbat or Shabbos maybe there is an alternative...
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The world seems to be upset by the Jew. Hitler. Nazi. Russians. Pogroms. Holocaust. Roman Catholic Inquisition. Repression. Crusaders. Palestine. Martin Luther cried to burn Jewish Churches Temples or Synagogue. From unrepentant proud Jewish man.
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Looks like a courageous pro-Israel anti-Arab commercial by Honda for a hybrid in which a Middle Eastern speaker delivers an anti-Israel polemic but... Like some of the other questionable commercials discussed on the company had nothing to do with this prank video. So we have all been -hoaxed-. But the other Honda commercial advert is real -- a Rube Goldberg device -- which can be found by searching for -Honda-.
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Dancing with a walrus-like creature to Portugese music sounding vaguely Arabic. From Mark Naksam.
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Portugese Joodse tempel. Eglise juive portugaise. Tempiale ebreo portoghese. Portugiesische jüdische Synagoge. Portugiesische judische Kirche. Chiesa ebrea portoghese. Iglesia o templo judiia portuguesa. Thanks to Yahoo BabelFish.
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Report on deportment behavior of the Israeli troops. Did much to safeguard civilian rights. Despite media manipulation by Islamic extremists. Gaza aid.
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Simple Judaic humour from Yamulke and other Jewish traditions. Weird Japanese-like music in the background...
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