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Kid is budding magician. After training he is able to begin to learn sleight of hand... Formation magique d-enfant en bas age. Magisches Training des jungen Kindes. Entrenamiento magico del nino joven.
Array Magic  Youngster 
Channels Sports  Business 
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Even an Elk calf will play in the mud... Water sports in the animal kingdom...
Array Comedy  Animal  Elk  Deer  Doe  Buck 
Channels Animals  Sports  Comedy 
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Genius dog from the Southwest performs for children and maybe builds ministry
Channels Animals  Comedy 
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Kid demonstrates amazing roller skating or in-line from
Array Comedy  Skate 
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Kid learns how to give evil eye or evil look. African-American black child.
Array Child  Comedy  Evil  Eye 
Channels Comedy 
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Bad day at the office cubicle-ville. No kidding. Ya think so...
Channels Comedy  Business  Tech 
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More cat pranks wind ups stunts gags humour. Comedia del gato. Commedia del gatto. Katzekomodie. Comedie de chat. De komedie van de kat. To the lyrics of -Kitty- by -The Presidents of the United States-.
Array Comedy  Feline  Canine  Kid  Child  Windups  Hijinks 
Channels Animals  Comedy  Dancers 
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Los gatitos y perritos que necesitan dormir. Kätzchen und Welpen- die mussen schlafen. Les chatons et les chiots qui ont besoin de dormir. Gatinhos e cachorrinhos que precisam dormir. Gattini e cagnolini che hanno bisogno di dormire. Katten en honden die behoefte om te slapen. Dankzij Microsoft Bing vertaler.
Array Dog  Cat  Animal  Perro  Gato  Pet 
Channels Animals  Comedy 
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Plastic Surgery Surgeon did really good job. Kid is too ugly to be my child. Law and court in China awards him one hundred thousand dollars in Chinese yuan. Was it really my kid. One more fun Internet urband legend that is not probably not true...
Array China  Chinese  Ugly  Lawsuit  Sue  Lawyer  Court  Award 
Channels Comedy  News 
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Crazy Kung Fu Performance probably from a Hispanic country. But this Bruce Lee look-alike comes up very short...
Array Comedy  Wushu  Wu-Shu  Chinese  Judo  Aikido  Martial  Arts 
Channels Sports  Comedy 
Added: 3742 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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