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Man who eats wrong foods soon has flatulence that is beyond belief... Advert for American Beer. Budweiser from Anheuser-Busch is an American-style lager.
Added: 3743 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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When you go shopping for X-Rated magazines in local convenience store... Funny windup advert for an American beer... Budweiser Light
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Added: 3588 days ago by cesara
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It is Miller time. The bottle says twist to open.
Added: 3572 days ago by caesarf
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What would happen if a refrigerator containing a favorite beverage would do against a killer robot is answered in this advert for an American ale or lager.
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Added: 3604 days ago by caesarn
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Wait. Who is that girl. Gallant man demonstrates his love -- for his Heineken Beer -- that is. To the lyrics of -The Turtles- song -Happy Together-.
Added: 3572 days ago by caesarf
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Sometimes men do not know how to romance. Los hombres no saben a veces al romance. Parfois les hommes ne savent pas a roman. A volte gli uomini non conoscono come a romanzesco. Manchmal konnen Manner nicht zu Romanze. A commercial advert from Australian Hahn Premium Light Lager full-flavoured beer. Bier. Cerveza. Jacuzzi spa pool
Added: 3572 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Amazing special effects in the commercial advert for Tiger Beer one of Asia-s best kept secrets. Singapore-s first locally brewed 5 percent bottled pale lager.
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Added: 3386 days ago by cesara
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Hundreds of parachuters demonstrate amazing skills then part of their display is loosed on the hillside. Celebrates Carlton Draught. Wikipedia says Carlton Draught is a pale lager sold on tap in home state of Victoria also New South Wales Queensland South Australia and Western Australia.
Added: 3781 days ago by caesarf
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Isn-t my smart guide dog a Labrador or German Shepherd is asked by this man who is dying for a brew in the land down under in this Toohey-s New Australian beer advert commercial. Durstiger blinder Mann mit Fuhrerhund. Hombre oculto sediento con el perro de guia.
Added: 3589 days ago by cesara
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Bonne Chance. La chance. Montage realise par. Take a chance. Lucky stunts. Basketball buzzer beater. Incredible saves. American football. Soccer. Motocross. Motorcycle. Stock car racecourse. Monte Carlo race. Prenez une chance. Arrets chanceux. Incroyable economise. Le football americain. Moto. Piste courante de voiture. Course de Monte Carlo. Nehmen Sie eine Wahrscheinlichkeit. Gluckliche Bremsungen. Unglaublich speichert. Amerikanischer Futball. Motorrad. Auf lagerautorennstrecke. Monte-Carlo Rennen. Tome una ocasion. Trucos afortunados. Increible ahorra. Futbol americano. Motocicleta. Hipodromo comun del coche. Raza de Monte Carlo.
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Added: 3717 days ago by caesarg
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