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The chameleon is supposed to be able to change its colours to match its surroundings but in this case it demonstrates remarkable powers -- but these could be Special Effects. To the Electro lyrics of -Eat My Bear- from Yuksek from -Away From The Sea- appearing in Tokyo and Osaka Japan and Belgium and the UK and NYC. French born as Pierre Alexandre Busson.
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Exactly what would you expect of a fair-haired flaxen blonde gazelle is shown in this interesting African video clip wind up.
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History fact or fiction is recorded in this silliness from BuzzFeed. Roman Vomitorium. Christopher Columbus flat earth. Benjamin Franklin. Lightning and Electricity. Myths regarding the following -- Vikings. Pasta. Marco Polo. Napoleon. Moors or Morros.
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Hug from Lion in Columbia. Remembers rescuer and tells her just how much he cared and loved her. South American cat was hurt.
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SEXIST Jokes from Italian Mafia movie -Godfather- Marlon Brando knocking Presidential candidate John Edwards John Edwards likes ugly girls. . . Italian jokes The Godfather Coppola Restoration today with all new special features. Starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Don Carleone.
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What happens when you get a great group of musicians together to perform a great movie theme -The Good the Bad and the Ugly- by Ennio Morricone starring Clint Eastwood in 1966 -spaghetti western-. Italian -Il buono il brutto il cattivo.- Sergio Leone Vincenzoni Age and Scarpelli.
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BuzzFeed presents updates to history. Like Marco Polo. Christopher Columbus. Napoleon. Benjamin Franklin and lightning and electricity. And the truth about the vomitorium. And where pasta really came from -- not China -- but the Arab Moors...
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Marlon Brando as Godfather I makes jibes against actor John Edwards roasted. Famous American politician.
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Man rolls wrestles around with lions instead of playing kissy face with them. Incredible. And hyena gets jealous. King of the Jungle.
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Antartica. March of the Penguins movie is done in twisted French with Napoleon and marching and sliding and eating and passing eggs and -wait- sex. Marzo de la pelicula de los pinguinos se realiza en el trenzado frances con Napoleon y marchando y deslizamiento y comiendo y pasando huevos y - esperar - sexo. Marsch der Pinguine Film erfolgt in verdrehten Franzosisch mit Napoleon und marschieren und Schiebe und Essen und Weitergabe von Eiern und -warten - Sex. Mars du film pingouins se fait en Francais torsadee avec Napoleon et marchant et glissant et manger et en passant les oeufs et - attente - sexe. You have to see the movie on Canal Plus The Cinema Channel.
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