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Marines should not come to the liberal haven in California. Bastion of progressive American politics. Comedy Central-s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
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Milton Friedman was one of the world-s foremost economists. He was originally a believer in government intervention in economics but then believed that a hands-off policy is best. According to Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia Friedman-s political philosophy -- considered classically liberal and libertarian -- stressed the advantages of the marketplace and the disadvantages of government intervention and regulation. From Chicago School of Economics. A two and a half minute clip on the Phil Donahue show probably from the 1970s. A very cogent discussion by a very engaging Milton Freedman.
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Regarding drilling and polluting California coastlines. Cost of Gasoline falls into right wing political Agenda Maxine Waters in this clip captured by the US conservatives Los Angeles liberal politician talks about socializing oil if prices skyrocket. Blaming Democrats for oil price hikes. Fox News presentation of course.
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COC - Community Organizer College. Forget that he went to Columbia and Harvard... Hateful. Makes fun of liberal progressive activism.
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My new philosophy imitating Snoop Doggy Dogg features Muppets character talking to children telling it too much like it is... Non-censored almost obscene liberal use of F-word.
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-Let It Be- refrains. Paul McCartney Stevie Wonder and others support the current President of the United States of America Barack Obama...
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Silly ass jackass laughs and honks. Making fun of the Demo-s by Pro-Republican propaganda.
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