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Nighttime talk Tonight Show Host Johnny Carson is entertained by world famous comedian...
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Can this duck teach us how to relieve stress but not in a non-violent Mahatma Gandhi or Buddhist way perhaps... Somebody
Channels Animals Comedy Crime
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Series of humourous European commercials. Reeks humoristische Europese reclamespots. Serie de films publicitaires europeens pleins d-humour. Reihe humorvolle europaische Werbungen. Serie de anuncios publicitarios europeus comicos. Blonde Antelope. Duck Mallard. Grande Bretagne 1993. Benton Kronen Light. Bacardi. Power League. Office Oficina. Ford Sportka eviltwin.
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Saving little duckies -- chickies
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Demonstration of our avian friends acting badly. Comedie de volaille. Canard. Mallard. Poule. Oie. Poulet. Coq. Comedia de las aves. Pato silvestre. Gallina. Ganso. Pollo. Gallo. Commedia dei gallinacei. Anatra. Germano reale. Gallina. Oca. Pollo. Gallo.
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Comedy landings of water fowls aves. Added sound effects make humour. Aterrizajes de las aves del agua con efectos sonoros agregados. Wassergeflugellandungen mit addierten stichhaltigen Effekten. Atterrissages de volaille de l-eau avec des effets sains supplementaires.
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