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Jesus camina en el agua. Humor estacional. De gangen van Jesus op water. Seizoengebonden humeur. Jesus marche sur l-eau. Humeur saisonniere. Jesus geht auf Wasser. Saisonstimmung. Jesus cammina sull-acqua. Umore stagionale. Jesus anda na agua. Humor sazonal. Translations by Yahoo BabelFish.
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Rescue from the wreckage. -Jaws of life- and good insurance needed. Seguridad. Like German Autobahns or Motorways of Switzerland or Throughways or Expressways. Hungarian autobiztositasok or autobaum.
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US Airways Flight 1549 Water Landing Animation. Miracle on the Hudson River. Computer animation of the remarkable safe landing in the Hudson River. -The odds were against us but God was with us- said Fred Berretta a survivor of US Airways Flight 1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River Jan. 15 2009.
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