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Moon walker situation
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Added: 4186 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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At the Race Track or Hippodrome. What happens when you name horses using those words that come up during a contentious marital break up. The Honeymoon is over marriage vows domestic bliss drinking heavily morgated up the ass I don-t give a sh-t. the f-cking house I f-cked your brother. Up Yours. I am out of here. Keep the F-cking House.
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Woman in space has slight problem with... Woman in space has slight problem with... La donna nello spazio ha leggero problema con... Frau im Raum hat geringfugiges Problem mit... La femme dans l-espace a le leger probleme avec... De vrouw in ruimte heeft licht probleem met... Op de maan. Dank aan BabelFish.
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Apollo 10 recorded strange sounds heard on the dark side of moon that some might call -Space Music-. Source of noise is unknown. From CNN News NASA Science Channel.
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Added: 849 days ago by cesara
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