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We are expecting a clip on the world famous 3-D movie from David Letterman but SURPRISE. American late night television host and comedian since 1982. From Worldwide Pants and Craig Ferguson including -Everybody Loves Raymond! now in syndication. Windup.
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To the theme from the movie -Rocky-. -Eye of the Tiger- performed by American rock band Survivor from the album Eye of the Tiger released in 1982 used at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film -Rocky III- per Wikipedia.
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Shots of a balloon from small Japanese video camera in Japan which shoots at 2000 frames per second high-resolution full color. Video cam which does not need a lot of light as most high speed cameras do. In demo movie a yellow balloon has been filled with water and is then pierced with a pin. Take a look and be amazed. The balloon disappears around the water.
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Frank Sinatra narrates two top American tap dancers in a black and white hoofer extravaganza.
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FedEx advert comedy sketch. -Castaway- the movie ends with a question. The lead Chuck Nolan or Tom Hanks is cast away in this 2000 movie. Director Robert Zemeckis writer William Broyles Jr. 20th Century Fox. But oh no -- now we find out what was in the package...
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Music accents commercial of dancing car. -Transformers- movie like short film video advert. French automaker Citroen. Le constructeur d-automobiles francais Citroen fait C4 l-automobile danser.
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Added: 4151 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Surfeur epique video clip qui est genial avec la paroi de la vague geante de l-eau et les gars de man mec surfeur accompli. Epic surfer movie video clip that is awesome with giant wave wall of water and accomplished surfer dude man guy. Epische Surfer Film video-Clip -- die ehrfurchtig mit Riesenwelle Wand aus Wasser und erfahrener Surfer Dude Mann Kerl ist. Surfista epico video clip de pelicula que es impresionante con la pared de la ola gigante de agua y consumado surfista viejo hombre tipo. eXtreme Video. Thanks dank gracias grace Bing Translator Traductor.
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Suddenly you are in the middle of an accident or movie cinema special effects FX. Eine Minute Sie und Ihre Freunde sind Ihr Motorrad Motorrad Motoscooter Moto bewundern und dann plotzlich sind Sie mitten in einen Unfall oder einen Film Kino Spezialeffekte. Poi all-improvviso sei nel bel mezzo di un incidente o un film gli effetti speciali cinema. Y luego de repente Estas en medio de un accidente o pelicula efectos de especiales de cine. Tout a coup vous etes au milieu d-un accident ou un film cinema des effets speciaux. De repente voce esta no meio de um acidente ou filme efeitos de especiais de cinema.
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This is world-s most costly advertisement and the winner of last year-s best advert of the world. It took 606 takes and re-takes to make at a cost of 6.2 million dollars for this 90 second commercial using Honda car parts...could probably make a movie for that. Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision. The team that made this commercial won many awards.
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Delivery was delayed Satire on -Castaway- movie starring Tom Hanks...
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