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Policia brasileira mata ladrao com a faca que esta ameacando matar cliente feminino. E morto a tiros. Brazilian police kills robber with knife who is threatening to kill female shopper. Is shot dead. Brasilianische Polizei totet Rauber mit Messer- die weiblichen Kaufer zu toten droht. Wird erschossen. Policia brasilena mata a ladron con el cuchillo que esta amenazando con matar a shopper femenino. Es muerto a tiros. La police bresilienne tue voleur avec couteau qui menace de tuer les femme shopper. Est tue par balle. Translation Microsoft Bing.
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China-s Most Wanted Man Shot Dead by Police according to International Business Times IBTimes. Chinese Class A Serial Killer Murderer. 50K Brit pound award. Zhou Kehua. Sichuan province. Szechuan
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Three Iraqis are killed by immolation set fire
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Rowan Atkinson is the devil and he is welcoming new souls in Hell. And in this clip he gives everyone hell -- Fornicators. Murderers. Looters. Lawyers. Adulterers. French. Atheists. German. Christians. Jews.
Channels Comedy Crime
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Funny business from Thai bank. She gets home but her husband has forgotten to pay the electric bill and now -- oh no. Oh well. Do not assume.
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You thought they were all for fun but there is some murderous mayhem behind those little kind rhymes and fairy tales. Plague. 3 Blind Mice. Jack and Jill. From BuzzFeed a NYC-based media company.
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Radio personality Tom Mabe gives us a method for preventing telemarketing calls for good. Threaten or accuse complicity in a kill murder. The Murder Scene Call on the Bob and Tom Show on radio station WFBQ in Indianapolis Indiana.
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