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Amazing organ playing... Twins
Array Music  Classic  Israel  Fugue  Piano 
Channels Sports  Dancers 
Added: 3574 days ago by cesara
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This clip features some good psychology as we are encouraged to use the stairs and not the elevator due to health reasons. VW Volkswagen advertizement commerical.
Array Comedy  Gym  Exercise  Piano  Organ  Keyboard 
Channels Comedy  Dancers  Tech 
Added: 3524 days ago by caesarn
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Trump seems not-so-presidential as he refuses to take a news organization question supposedly because they generate -fake news-...
Array President  Donald  Trump  Fake  News 
Channels Politics  News 
Added: 845 days ago by caesarf
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COC - Community Organizer College. Forget that he went to Columbia and Harvard... Hateful. Makes fun of liberal progressive activism.
Channels Comedy  Politics 
Added: 3350 days ago by caesarh
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Representative Hank Johnson Democrat from Georgia questions -authoritatively- about the U.S. territory of Guam. Warner Brothers Looney Tunes. Guam is an organized unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean. It is one of five U.S. territories with an established civilian government. Thanks Wikipedia.
Channels Military  Cars  Politics 
Added: 2147 days ago by caesarn
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Testing lemon wedges at many cafes show many have disease causing bacteria micro-organisms. From Germs are there on the waiter waitress server hands mains d-ouvrier de restaurant.
Channels News  Medical 
Added: 4141 days ago by caesarg
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What would you do for fun if you were in Hamas and had explosives and construction tools is illustrated in this zany and somewhat scary video... Sledgehammer explosions by Palestinian Islamic Socio-Polication organization or movement often regarded as radical and terrorist.
Array Comedy  Bomb  Bomba  Comedia 
Channels Military  Comedy  Tech 
Added: 3641 days ago by caesarf
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Little genius girl Einstein shows her keyboard prowess or talent on the organ with South American tango song. Weinig geniemeisje Einstein toont haar toetsenborddapperheid of talent met Zuidamerikaans tangolied. La petite fille Einstein de genie montre sa prouesse ou talent de clavier avec la chanson sud-americaine de tango. Kleines Geniemadchen Einstein zeigt ihre Tastaturfähigkeit oder -talent mit sudamerikanischem Tangolied. La pequena muchacha Einstein del genio demuestra su valor o talento del teclado con la cancion suramericana del tango.
Array Dance  Tango  Piano  Baile  Danse  Tanz    Ballo 
Channels Comedy  Dancers  Tech 
Added: 3737 days ago by caesarf
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