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Tell Me Why. Teaching international brotherhood and sisterhood and a fraternity of peace and good will toward all humankind. Reminiscent of John Lennon-s -Imagine- the world without world wars and strife. Declan John Galbraith was born in 1991 and is an English singer with Scottish and Irish musical traditions. Declan tho- British is best known in Germany first where his widest releases were made and in China where his songs are sometimes used to teach children English. Declan and his family live in Hoo -- a village near Rochester Kent England. From Wikipedia.
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Automated highly sophisticated police system for licence plate recognition system. Computer processes video images using pattern recognition software. British Columbia peace officers. On-board computer performs automated scans for auto theft stolen vehicles suspected terrorism etc.
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Candid camera routine or gag with police or peace officers who are not quite in uniform. American version of BBC UK British Bobby stunt.
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Love between some of nature-s beauties to Louis Armstrong song -What A Wonderful World-. Cerfs communs chat et lapin. Ciervos gato y conejo. Cervi gatto e coniglio.
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Doctor Phil McGraw asks for no further violence in Dallas. Begs for no more shooting. No more assassinations of police officers. CBS.
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Silly Bobby Copper Police Peace Officer driving under influence while intoxicated gag...
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Australian visitor receives introduction to Italian police or peace officer-s most unique car... Lamborghini was donated to Italy-s polizia for use on autobahn equivalent
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Italian composer pianist Ludovico Einaudi plays -Elegy for the Arctic- to protect and set up international wildlife preserve to help protect what we love. And he performed this piece for the first time on the Arctic Ocean in front of a huge glacier -- music echoes across the wilderness. Italiano compositore pianista Ludovico Einaudi Gioca - Elegia per l-Artico - per proteggere e impostare internazionale fauna preservare per proteggere cio che amiamo. E questo pezzo si e esibito per la prima volta davanti a un enorme ghiacciaio -- musica echeggia attraverso il deserto. Pianiste compositeur italien Ludovico Einaudi joue - Elegie pour l-Arctique - pour proteger et mettre en place la faune internationale preserver pour aider a proteger ce que nous aimons. Et il a joue cette piece pour la premiere fois devant un enorme glacier--musique resonne a travers le desert. Italialainen saveltaja-pianisti Ludovico Einaudi Pelaa - Elegia Arctic - suojata ja perustaa kansainvalisen wildlife sailyttaa suojata mita me rakastamme. Ja han esiintyi teos ensi kertaa suuri jaatikko--musiikki heijastaa koko eramaahan. Pianista compositor italiano Ludovico Einaudi juega - elegia para el Artico para proteger vida silvestre internacional preservar para ayudar a proteger lo que amamos. Y realizo esta obra por primera vez delante de un enorme glaciar--musica ecos en el desierto. YouTube Green Peace Spain via Storyful. Arctic North Pole ice shelf is share-owned by U.S.A. Canada and Russia and Norway, Iceland and Denmark - Greenland. Thanks Wikipedia.
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Two peace officers or coppers be fighting wrestling but why or what for in this Crispy Creme advert commercial.
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Patriotic memories of servicemen and servicewomen. Saluting those who died in war. Peacekeepers. Terry Kelly -A Pittance of Time-
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