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Seasonal silliness in regard to Yom Kippur. Since your regular garage door opener should not be used on a Holy Day or the Sabbath or Shabbat or Shabbos maybe there is an alternative...
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What would have happened if this Biblical character had been given the Ituran GPS.
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Interroger la femme aux bijoux coquin interessant--penis. Entrevistar a la mujer con joyas travieso interesante--pene. Befragung der Frau mit interessanten freche Schmuck--Penis. Gracias a Microsoft Bing Translator.
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What would have happened for 40 years to Israelis and Moses if there was technology such as GPS. O que teria acontecido ha 40 anos aos israelitas- Moises se houvesse tecnologia como GPS. Lo que habria sucedido durante 40 anos a los israelies y Moises si hubo tecnologia como GPS. Cosa sarebbe successo per 40 anni per gli israeliani e Mose se c-era la tecnologia come GPS. Was ware passiert seit 40 Jahren an Israelis und Moses gabe es Technologien wie GPS. Que serait-il arriver depuis 40 ans aux Israeliens et Moise s-il y avait des technologies telles que les GPS. Wat zou zijn gebeurd voor 40 jaar aan Israeliers en Mozes als er technologie zoals GPS. Bing Translator. Jew. Israel. Joodse Jood. Juif. Judische Jude. Bing Translator. Iturna GPS -Global Positioning System- advert commercial. Palestine Israel Middle East
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People Art from Turkish Bank ATBANK. Per Wikipedia...Akbank was founded in Adana Turkey in January 1948 originally to finance cotton producers. The Bank opened HQ in Istanbul in 1954. Akbank automated in 1963, later in Frankfurt Germany. First Turkish private sector bank to be established abroad ...
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USA National Security Agency routinely monitors all US citizens whether they engage in illegal activities or not. Edward Snowden -- brave whistle blower who opened up NSA data to the world -- in order to elucidate illegal surveillance. Traitor or treason or super-patriot -- which might he be.
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