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Teamwork is used in an illustration of innovative method for getting a new job. Pepsi-Cola North America-s Diet Pepsi Max zero-calorie ginseng-enhanced and extra caffeine .
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 3722 days ago by caesarf
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Commercial Advert for Pepsi Max first diet cola for men. We can take it.
Channels Comedy Tech
Added: 2621 days ago by caesarf
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Advert with Godfather accent
Channels Comedy Business
Added: 4094 days ago by caesarh
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Comedy clip about dog blaming cat - for Pepsi sung to Secret Agent Man - song written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri - from Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia
Channels Animals Comedy
Added: 4151 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Trick on Japanese soccer team Pepsi ad
Channels Sports Comedy
Added: 4144 days ago by caesarf
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Penguins illustrate which popular cola beverage is a real winner. Uomo del razzo del pinguino. Pinguinraketenmann. Homme de fusee de pingouin. De raketmens van de pinguin.
Added: 3326 days ago by cesara
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