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Look what the world is coming to when we need to take a wheel chair because of cost or outlay of cash money for gasoline petrol. Even with an alarm. Differently abled gentleman. Handicapped. Israel.
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This video is in Portugal or Brazil or another Portugese country. The YouTube text is unclear as to whether it was a lighter or a cellular phone that causes the spectacular explosion. PG for violence because a man gets burned in fire.
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There is no end to ingenuity for the person who is really addicted to their automobile and Halloween is no exception... Transformers imitation from somewhere in the Spanish speaking world such as Peru Espanol.
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Humour. Petro. Turban. Erdolbenzin Araberstimmung. Humor del arabe de la gasolina del petroleo. Humeur d-Arabe d-essence de petrole. Courtoisie de traduction de Yahoo BabelFish.
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Pickup and travel trailer do not fit under gas station roof. Whoops.
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In 2001 Antubert created this video to accompany -The Farmer-s Daugher- by Vito Petroccitto. The completed video premiered at the Funhouse Comedy Club in New York. A sterling example of malapropisms. Silly comic strip or animation or animated film illustrating rural farm caricatures in this short comic strip.
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