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Ellen Stofan -- NASA Chief Scientist -- states that alien life will be discovered within our lifetime. We are on the verge in finding life on another planet. But not little green men -- just little green microbes... CNN -Inside Edition-
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Interesting facts about human relationships. Billions of humans share common ancestors -- maybe from Taiwan. Others say Africa. And we each share a billion atoms with Shakespeare. And when a human steps on a planet light-years from here and a century from now -- that person will have one billion of your atoms in him or her and one billion of the atoms from every person you know. Related to most recent common ancestor or MRCA Wikipedia talks about
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Eight international artists perform acapella recreating a myriad of sounds. According to their website -- The Voca people are 8 friendly aliens from the planet Voca a musical planet that has no verbal communication but use vocal expressions only. They have heard the music from Earth for decades now and with their imitation abilities they have decided to pay a one evening tribute to humanity and to perform the songs they love as musical-gratitude.
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Yellow Tabby cat mothers Cocker Spaniel pups. Mother lost kittens while dog mother ignores pups. So feline takes over for canine in this puppy snatcher short film video from Animal Planet. Gainesville North Carolina
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NoStarPanel wants us to examine a series of odd patterns emanating from the Constellation Virgo...
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Once Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet we were disappointed. But it was wondered if there is a giant planet 9 out there beyond Pluto. Now Caltech professor Mike Brown and assistant professor Konstanin Batygin have been working together to investigate if there is a ninth planet or Planet X in January 2016. California Institute of Technology.
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