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In this Middle-Eastern terrorist spoof wind up the Volkswagen VW Polo demonstrates its excellent technology containing an explosion.
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History fact or fiction is recorded in this silliness from BuzzFeed. Roman Vomitorium. Christopher Columbus flat earth. Benjamin Franklin. Lightning and Electricity. Myths regarding the following -- Vikings. Pasta. Marco Polo. Napoleon. Moors or Morros.
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BuzzFeed presents updates to history. Like Marco Polo. Christopher Columbus. Napoleon. Benjamin Franklin and lightning and electricity. And the truth about the vomitorium. And where pasta really came from -- not China -- but the Arab Moors...
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Baby newly born but what does he or she find... Apologies to the Japanese Fuji Asians... Comedia Japones. Comedie japonaise de naissance de bebe. Commedia giapponese di nascita del bambino. Grazie a BabelFish.
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Chocolate News according to Comedy Central is a magazine show hosted by -In Living Color- alum and Tony Award-nominee David Alan Grier makes no apologies for biased approach investigations inherently urban pop culture topics such as an operation to save black and white conjoined twins steroid use in Little Leaguers and a rapper-s public service announcement gone awry. The point-of-view is decidedly from an African American perspective and everyone and everything is fair game for Grier and his regular team of investigators.
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