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Toyota Corolla AC works on woman in this humourous titillating Toyota advert probably for Portugal or Brazil or Porguese Africa. Ar-condicionado de serie.
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Use a little fish to catch a big fish in the Amazon. Like ice fishing. Brazil speaks the language of Portugal.
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La vez proxima excepto que numero de telefono para el seguro de coche. Next time you might want to save that phone number. La volta prossima a parte il fatto che numero di telefono per assicurazione auto. Volgende tijd behalve dat telefoonaantal voor autoverzekering. La fois prochaine sauf que numero de telephone pour l-assurance auto.
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This video is in Portugal or Brazil or another Portugese country. The YouTube text is unclear as to whether it was a lighter or a cellular phone that causes the spectacular explosion. PG for violence because a man gets burned in fire.
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Miklos Feher was a Hungarian professional footballer or soccer player in the position of striker. He spenbt most of his nine-year career in Portugal playing for four clubs and amassing Primeira Liga totals of 80 games and 27 goals. At the international level he represented his native Hungary. Feder had a cardiac arrest during a soccer match. Born 20 July 1979 and died 25 January 2004. Miklos Feher foi um futebolista hungaro que atuava como atacante. Ele passou a maior parte de sua carreira de nove anos em Portugal representando quatro clubs e acumulando os totais da Primeira Liga de 80 jobos e 27 gols. Ele representou a Hungria a nivel internacional. Feher morreu de uma parada cardiaca durante uma partida. Thanks Gracias - Wikipedia Microsoft Bing Translator.
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Dancing with a walrus-like creature to Portugese music sounding vaguely Arabic. From Mark Naksam.
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