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Bicycle trick not quite... Motorcyclists trick ouch. Rooftop skater missing landing. Grandma idiot with Great Dane dog probably special effects. 4 Idiots. Compiled by Bob the Printer.
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Added: 2935 days ago by caesarg
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There are times when printing may be a problem such as wrinkled pages. Neem een nieuwsgierige kat en een computerprinter en... Prenez un chat curieux et un imprimeur d-ordinateur et... Nehmen Sie eine neugierige Katze und einen Computerdrucker und... Prenda un gatto curioso e uno stampatore del calcolatore e... Tome um gato curioso e uma impressora do computador e... BabelFish.
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Added: 3196 days ago by cesara
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Lose patience with your peripheral device. This Army man has an answer...
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It is a multitasking cellphone a dish washer patented heat function razor iron music harmonica toaster printer inflate tires rectal thermometer administer defibrilator self destruct from Satire farce wind up.
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Resetting your printer ink cartridge means that it may be useable much longer. Just a simple operational reset can make the print cartridge act right...
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Added: 1460 days ago by caesarn
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We seem to be having a problem with the quality of some of our print jobs. The ink is sometimes smeared and wet -- and the pages are wrinkled. Take a guess before you watch the video. If you are right -- you may have a career in data processing...
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Added: 4087 days ago by caesarh
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