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The homeowner fixes speedsters to the horror of his wife. This may be German.
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Added: 4186 days ago by caesarh
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AutoFocus quick tips -Mirror Adjustment-
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Added: 3309 days ago by caesarn
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Jessica Cox first and only licensed pilot with no arms. She plays the piano -- and now flies. -Inside Weekend-. Parrish Traweek Flight Instructor in Arizona. Her motto -Look Mom No Hands-
Added: 3304 days ago by caesarh
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Added: 4215 days ago by Judy
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Southwest steward demonstrates his stuff.
Added: 3659 days ago by cesara
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Terrorist get thru but busty woman -- no way...
Added: 3193 days ago by caesarf
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Record of crash in Alaska USA. Wikipedia - The 2010 Alaska C-17 crash occurred on Wednesday 28 July 2010 when a United States Air Force military transport plane crashed at Elmendorf Air Force near Anchorage. The second crash - Afghanistan Plane crash at Bagram Airfield Crash 29 April 2013. The C-17 was built by Boeing - McDonnell-Douglas Long Beach California USA. C-17 USAF Air Force Heavy Military Transport Jet. The last aircraft - 279 Globemaster was manufactured in 2015. C-17 is in service with the United Kingdom Australia Canada Qatar United Arab Emirates NATO Heavy Airlift Wing India and Kuwait.
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Added: 1441 days ago by caesarn
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Near perfect landing but no. Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea with a land area of 17 square kilometres or 630 sq. mi. and is one of 26 parts of France Republic since 2007. Thanks to Wikipedia and Yahoo BabelFish. Parecia ser un aterrizaje perfecto pero No. Pareceu ser uma aterragem perfeita mas o no. E sembrato essere un atterraggio perfetto ma il no. Zu sein schienen eine vollkommene Landung aber Nr. A semble etre un atterrissage parfait mais le numero. Scheen het perfecte landen maar nr te zijn.
Added: 3429 days ago by caesarf
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The chameleon is supposed to be able to change its colours to match its surroundings but in this case it demonstrates remarkable powers -- but these could be Special Effects. To the Electro lyrics of -Eat My Bear- from Yuksek from -Away From The Sea- appearing in Tokyo and Osaka Japan and Belgium and the UK and NYC. French born as Pierre Alexandre Busson.
Array Animal FX
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Added: 3617 days ago by caesarg
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Lancement d-une demonstration de lame de scies. Werfen einer Sageblattdemonstration. Sacudir una demostracion de la lamina de sierra. Thanks Yahoo BabelFish.
Channels Sports Tech
Added: 3063 days ago by caesarg
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