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Ford commercial advert. Moto. Carrera.
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Las Vegas on the Strip. -Green Sally Up- by Moby. Hurst. Drag racing. Mopar Club Holland.
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Idiot in race is given a snowmobile known in some places as snowmachine snowsled or Bombardier Ski-Doo commonly propelled by a continuous track or tracks at the rear and steered by skiis at the front. Wikipedia definition.
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Accident looks terrible but victim shakes his fist at driver as he walks away. From Italian Dade Moto Racing. Motorbike da motocicleta que compete de Italy. Motocicletta del motociclo che corre dall-Italia.
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Tremendous NASCAR start at drag strip ends in wild and dramatic accident that did not ultimately hurt driver nor nearby cameraman who has to run away. . . Drag racing demonstration.
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Stacy Westfall-s Championship Run 2006 Al American Quarter Horse Congress. Mujer con talento. Montar a caballo del competicion-nivel a pelo. Frau mit Talent. Ungesatteltes Konkurrenzniveau Pferdenreiten. Femme avec le talent. Equitation a cru de concurrence-niveau. Translated by Yahoo BabelFish. Music by Tim McGraw -Live Like You Were Dying-
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Road rage - Road anger. Traffic conflict. Racing on muddy street. Road rage - ira de carretera. Conflicto de trafico. Carreras en la calle fangosa. Road Rage - StraBe Wut. Verkehr-Konflikt. Racing auf schlammigen StraBe. Road rage - rabbia stradale. Conflitto di traffico. Corse su strada fangosa. Road rage - la colere de la route. Conflit de circulation aerienne. Course sur la rue boueuse. Road rage - raiva da estrada. Conflito de trafego. Corrida na rua enlameada.
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Those silly Japanese game shows really go over the top with this one about footraces including three couples who run and perform other actions to be the first to finish a certain final test.
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