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FedEx advert comedy sketch. -Castaway- the movie ends with a question. The lead Chuck Nolan or Tom Hanks is cast away in this 2000 movie. Director Robert Zemeckis writer William Broyles Jr. 20th Century Fox. But oh no -- now we find out what was in the package...
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Man awarded Medal of Honor three times.
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Naughty rabbit and naughty teddy bear jump and bump and hump and grind to the music. From an advert for Blaupunkt GmbH according to Wikipedia is a German manufacturer of electronics equipment noted for its home and car audio equipment. Subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH the world-s largest supplier of automobile components. Blaupunkt Gmbh est un fabricant allemand d-equipement de l-electronique remarquable pour son equipement audio de maison et de voiture. Blaupunkt das GmbH ist ist ein deutscher Hersteller der Elektronikausrustung gemerkt fur seine Ausgangs- und des AutosAudiogerate.
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Brave Medal of Honor three separate acts of heroism. Robert Howard. Toughest fighter of the modern era. Eight Purple Hearts. Most heavily decorated American. Viet Nam. Laos. Cambodia. Wounded 14 times. 2 Masters degrees.
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Robert Howard. Medal of Honor. Most decorated American. Nominated for 3 Medals of Honor from Nixon. Most decorated veteran. Distinguished Medals. Alabama. Green Beret. Special Forces. Visit - or Wikipedia which shows all his awards. Wounded 14 times. 5 tours in Viet Nam. Obama shows up for ceremony...
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American -Bonanza- Lorne Greene Pernell Roberts Michael Landon. Robert Vaughn of -Man from Uncle-. Elizabeth Montgomery and Anges Warhead from -Bewitched-.
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Funny intro from NBC Saturday Night Live by Robert DeNiro
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