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Interesting facts about human relationships. Billions of humans share common ancestors -- maybe from Taiwan. Others say Africa. And we each share a billion atoms with Shakespeare. And when a human steps on a planet light-years from here and a century from now -- that person will have one billion of your atoms in him or her and one billion of the atoms from every person you know. Related to most recent common ancestor or MRCA Wikipedia talks about
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-Bend over let me see ya shake your tailfeather- with this parrot and Ray Charles...
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Woman needs to to order at the library in this zany silly demonstration of clueless...
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Accident looks terrible but victim shakes his fist at driver as he walks away. From Italian Dade Moto Racing. Motorbike da motocicleta que compete de Italy. Motocicletta del motociclo che corre dall-Italia.
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Arch-Conservative photos that may be faked or done using Special Effects in order to embarrass the American President. More Politicking by the Extreme Right.
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Woman dances to punk rock song -Milkshake- from kelis -- with most men looking away until...
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