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Interesting facts about human relationships. Billions of humans share common ancestors -- maybe from Taiwan. Others say Africa. And we each share a billion atoms with Shakespeare. And when a human steps on a planet light-years from here and a century from now -- that person will have one billion of your atoms in him or her and one billion of the atoms from every person you know. Related to most recent common ancestor or MRCA Wikipedia talks about
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Arkansas woman resuscitates hen. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation stunt. Terry Bradshaw shares the stage and joins in the laughter. Tonight Show with Jay Leno -Late night TV show- official NBC page. Givig chicken a blow job or chest compressions on TV.
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Yes ladies. Men really can be this clueless. We really are from Mars. But at least we are willing to share our beer. In this advert it is Amstel Bier originally from Amsterdam now owned by Heinken.
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Italian composer pianist Ludovico Einaudi plays -Elegy for the Arctic- to protect and set up international wildlife preserve to help protect what we love. And he performed this piece for the first time on the Arctic Ocean in front of a huge glacier -- music echoes across the wilderness. Italiano compositore pianista Ludovico Einaudi Gioca - Elegia per l-Artico - per proteggere e impostare internazionale fauna preservare per proteggere cio che amiamo. E questo pezzo si e esibito per la prima volta davanti a un enorme ghiacciaio -- musica echeggia attraverso il deserto. Pianiste compositeur italien Ludovico Einaudi joue - Elegie pour l-Arctique - pour proteger et mettre en place la faune internationale preserver pour aider a proteger ce que nous aimons. Et il a joue cette piece pour la premiere fois devant un enorme glacier--musique resonne a travers le desert. Italialainen saveltaja-pianisti Ludovico Einaudi Pelaa - Elegia Arctic - suojata ja perustaa kansainvalisen wildlife sailyttaa suojata mita me rakastamme. Ja han esiintyi teos ensi kertaa suuri jaatikko--musiikki heijastaa koko eramaahan. Pianista compositor italiano Ludovico Einaudi juega - elegia para el Artico para proteger vida silvestre internacional preservar para ayudar a proteger lo que amamos. Y realizo esta obra por primera vez delante de un enorme glaciar--musica ecos en el desierto. YouTube Green Peace Spain via Storyful. Arctic North Pole ice shelf is share-owned by U.S.A. Canada and Russia and Norway, Iceland and Denmark - Greenland. Thanks Wikipedia.
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Surprise on her birthday is not to be shared with family but... What is that noise. La surprise sur son anniversaire ne doit pas etre partagee avec la famille mai. Ce qui est ce bruit. La sorpresa en su cumpleanos no debe ser compartida con la familia pero. Cual es ese ruido. Uberraschung auf ihrem Geburtstag soll nicht mit Familie geteilt werden aber. Was diese Gerausche ist.
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Little young not-quite-gentlemen are curious and loving. To -Turns Me On Again- by Noah Lifschey -- shareware musician from Hollowstone Music. Punk-rock feel. The advantage of being a child -- la ventaja de ser un crio.
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Just hanging out in the men-s room when you need some help... Men-s Urinal Windup Prank Toilet Water Closet Latrine
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