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Beverly Hill Billies beware. Here come the All-American Redneck Skeeting Shooting team.
Added: 3481 days ago by caesarf
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Wow. That guy can REALLY make his trick shots on the court. Most likely Turkish team. Possibly filmed in Istanbul or Ankara.
Channels Sports Comedy
Added: 3481 days ago by caesarf
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Skeet shooting using a remarkable firearm. Low recoil. Extreme accuracy. Reliable. Fast rate.
Channels Sports Tech
Added: 3140 days ago by caesarf
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Wild video about someone who is target shooting. Bullet surprisingly richochets or bounces twice with frightening results.
Channels Sports Military News
Added: 3604 days ago by caesarn
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Doctor Phil McGraw asks for no further violence in Dallas. Begs for no more shooting. No more assassinations of police officers. CBS.
Channels News Crime
Added: 919 days ago by caesarf
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Demostracion del shooting de Skeet. SkeetschieBendemonstration. Demonstration de tir de ball-trap.
Channels Military Comedy Tech
Added: 2903 days ago by caesarg
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First you take a human sized skeet target then find a tank with a nice big gun and ... Tir de ball-trap macho d-homme avec un reservoir d-armee. Machomann SkeetschieBen mit einem Armeebehalter. Lanzamiento de skeet machista del hombre con un tanque de ejercito. Macho man skeet shooting with an army tank.
Added: 3293 days ago by cesara
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Skeet shooting is a recreational and competitive activity to break clay disks or clay ducks or clay pigeons but need a really big gun like on a tank for this shotgun rifle hunting. TontaubenschieBen ist ein Erholungs- und wettbewerbsfahige Ton Datentrager oder Ton Enten oder Tontauben zu brechen- sondern brauchen eine wirklich groBe Kanone fur dieses Gewehr Jagd. Tir au pigeon d-argile est une activite de loisir et de competition pour casser des disques d-argile ou de canards d-argile ou de pigeons d-argile- mais besoin d-un vraiment gros Canon pour cette de fusil de chasse. Tiro es una actividad recreativa y competitiva para romper discos de arcilla o patos de arcilla o barro palomas pero necesita un arma realmente grande para esta caza rifle de escopeta. Bing Translator.
Added: 2120 days ago by caesarn
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Imbecile dumb fool decides to discharge firearm. Estupido. Idiota. Tonto. Dummie.
Added: 3139 days ago by caesarh
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Tough copper killing. Polica matar. Brutal. Little or no warning perhaps. Could likely be staged Special Effects since police officers act so non-plussed.
Channels News Crime
Added: 3242 days ago by cesara
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