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Channels Comedy
Added: 4183 days ago by Judy
Runtime: 04:08 | Views: 5149 | Comments: 1
Alligator bungee gag sketch skit. First bungee jump was from the Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and linking Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset England Great Britain according to Wikipedia.
Added: 3902 days ago by caesarn
Runtime: 00:34 | Views: 8224 | Comments: 2
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Alfred Hawthorn Hill better known as Benny Hill was a prolific English comic actor and singer best known for his television programme -The Benny Hill Show-. He was born in Southampton England in 1924 and died in 1992. This wishing well sketch was one of his most popular -- employing the common theme of an older man chasing a scantily-clad younger woman -- with a final Bennie Hill twist of course...
Channels Comedy
Added: 4133 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:55 | Views: 7998 | Comments: 1
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Homely Dancing Queen skit presented by Bud
Channels Comedy Dancers
Added: 4159 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 00:31 | Views: 6863 | Comments: 1
Wild black African American Afro-America comedy genius features white family with last name -Niggar-. From Wikipedia David Khari Webber Chappelle born August 24 1973 is an American stand-up comedian satirist screenwriter television film producer and actor. In 2003 he became known for his popular sketch comedy television series on Comedy Central called Chappelle-s Show. The show parodied many aspects of American culture including racial stereotypes politics and pop culture featuring comedy skits.
Channels Comedy Politics News
Added: 4091 days ago by cesara
Runtime: 04:45 | Views: 31398 | Comments: 1
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Shows what could happen the day after Barack Obama gets elected in the black community. David Chappelle satire news sketch silly edgy comedy on African-Americans even includes dig on Hispanics. This is an insensitive video...
Channels Comedy Politics News
Added: 3868 days ago by caesarg
Runtime: 03:34 | Views: 30733 | Comments: 2
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Uh-oh. Do not assume. Ameriquest morgage humour windup gag.
Channels Comedy Medical Tech
Added: 3907 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:31 | Views: 7573 | Comments: 1
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Cop tries to administer field sobriety test to vehicle car occupants but is so drunk he fails to even administer the test... in this windup comedic skit. From Jon Reep website. BE CAREFUL. There are sometimes problems with loads from that website according to McAfee WebAdvisor.
Channels Cars Comedy Crime
Added: 1081 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 03:30 | Views: 8179 | Comments: 5
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Comedy Central skit on vain attempt to get children to be quiet.
Channels Comedy Crime
Added: 4149 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:43 | Views: 10007 | Comments: 0
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Silly Hillary Clinton gag skit. Barack Obama bashing. Also Bill Clinton bash. Originated as the Hillary Political Ad Royal Canadian Air Farce Politics
Channels Comedy Politics News
Added: 4028 days ago by caesarg
Runtime: 02:07 | Views: 25361 | Comments: 0
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