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Specially made .22 LR Full Automatic firearm rifle is demonstrated in this video. SZ 2006. Tactical Innovations AM 15.
Channels Sports Military
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Specially made .22 LR Full Automatic firearm rifle is demonstrated in this video. SZ 2006. Tactical Innovations AM 15-1.
Channels Sports Military Tech
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Almost all small vehicles cannot survive 40 mph or 60 kph crash. Driver is usually seriously hurt except for Honda compacts...
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Shots of a balloon from small Japanese video camera in Japan which shoots at 2000 frames per second high-resolution full color. Video cam which does not need a lot of light as most high speed cameras do. In demo movie a yellow balloon has been filled with water and is then pierced with a pin. Take a look and be amazed. The balloon disappears around the water.
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There is manual labour and then there is true manual labor. See Brick Labourer in Bangladesh. A small country in South Asia bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma or Myanmar to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal it makes up the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal according to Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia. The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in 1947 when the region became the eastern wing of the newly-formed Pakistan.
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How do you tell the salesperson that the bikini swimsuit is too small is illustrated in this video clip
Added: 2780 days ago by caesarf
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World class Korean archer reminiscent of Olympians archers demonstrates great skill to a background of American disco. Slow motion shot perhaps using small Japanese video camera that shoots 2000 frames per second high-resolution.
Added: 4144 days ago by caesarg
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The Atlantic Ocean Road or in Norwegian Atlanterhavsveien is a 8.3-kilometer or 5.2 mi long rugged and scenic route in Norway connecting small islands connected by causeways and 8 bridges -- including the Storseisundet Bridge. La route de l-ocean Atlantique ou en norvegien Atlanterhavsveien est un itineraire de 8.3 kilometres ou 5.2 mi long accidente et pittoresque en Norvege reliant petites iles reliees par des chaussees et 8 ponts -- y compris le pont du Storseisundet. Die Atlantik-StraBe oder in norwegischen AtlantikstraBe verbindet eine 8.3 Kilometer oder 5.2 km lange robust und malerische Route in Norwegen kleine Inseln - verbunden durch Damme und Brucken 8 -- einschlieBlich der Storseisundet-Brucke. El camino del oceano Atlantico o en noruego Atlanterhavsveien es una ruta 8.3 kilometros o 5.2 mi tiempo resistente y escenica en Noruega conectar pequenas islas -- conectadas por calzadas y 8 puentes -- incluyendo el puente Storseisundet. A Atlantic Ocean Road ou Atlanterhavsveien noruegues e uma rota muito robusto e cenica de 8.3 quilometros ou 5.2 mi na Noruega permite a comunicacao entre pequenas ilhas - ligadas por caminhos e 8 pontes -- incluindo a ponte de Storseisundet. De Atlantische Oceaan weg of in Noorse Atlanterhavsveien is een 8.3-kilometer of 5.2 mi lange ruige en schilderachtige route in Noorwegen aansluiten van kleine eilanden verbonden door straatwegen en 8 bridges -- met inbegrip van de Storseisundet-brug. La strada dell-Oceano Atlantico o in norvegese Atlanterhavsveien e un percorso di lungo robusto e scenico mi 8.3 chilometri o 5.2 in Norvegia collegando piccole isole collegate da ponti e 8 ponti -- tra cui il ponte di Storseisundet.
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They say that size does not matter. In this case it does not seem Israel. Small country. Big paradise.
Added: 2433 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Small truck driver tries to demonstrate skill but instead demonstrates how dumb he can be. Another Darwin loser...
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