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Dancer with nice partner in Spanish
Channels Comedy Dancers
Added: 4150 days ago by caesarh
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Sometimes the best beer is a root beer such as suggested by Spanish advert for IBC Root Beer. From in Seville Spain
Added: 3905 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:32 | Views: 16413 | Comments: 1
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There is no end to ingenuity for the person who is really addicted to their automobile and Halloween is no exception... Transformers imitation from somewhere in the Spanish speaking world such as Peru Espanol.
Channels Cars Comedy Tech
Added: 3484 days ago by cesara
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Mysterious occult car comedy from Spanish world
Channels Cars Comedy
Added: 4153 days ago by caesarfmchavez
Runtime: 01:47 | Views: 7245 | Comments: 1
Acting as Panju a Hindu 7-11 Convenience Store shopkeep who says too much as he makes fun of red-necks and fat people and over-reproductive people and the President Bush and Dick Cheney. From comedy show -Mind of Mencia- well-known Hispanic comedian. Wikipedia says -Mind of Mencia- was an American television comedy series on the cable channel Comedy Central. It was hosted by Carlos Mencia.-
Added: 3688 days ago by cesara
Runtime: 06:44 | Views: 19557 | Comments: 1
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Comedy retro 1993 and macarena returns in beer commercial advert in Spanish language
Added: 4144 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 00:31 | Views: 9067 | Comments: 0
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Silly campy rendition of Mexican disco pop song in Spanish with two young men made a parody that goes over the top... Thalia Tema Triste de Marimar lyrics in the Marimar Album. Latin American tango rhythm song.
Added: 3108 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 02:45 | Views: 27293 | Comments: 1
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Asking for the young woman-s hand in marriage but... Verizon Wireless Commercial in Spanish for 30-day trial of telephone service
Added: 3917 days ago by cesara
Runtime: 01:12 | Views: 7685 | Comments: 1
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SSP Policia Federal de Mexico. Comedia en que el dijo --Pinche Pinche pendejo. No peines pareja. Yo no choque. Me chocaron. Not quite Buster Keaton or Keystone Kops but a few unfortunate incidents by the Mexican police. Humeur de capres de polissons d-accidents de police. Polizeiunfallstreich-Kapriolestimmung. Humor das alcaparras das partidas dos acidentes da policia.
Channels Cars Comedy Crime
Added: 3414 days ago by cesara
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More European Spanish Italian French and German words and how funny they sound
Added: 955 days ago by caesarf
Runtime: 01:01 | Views: 12740 | Comments: 7
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