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Japanese magician and actor is made up to look like a grandfather with hilarious results including magic or sleight of hand and acrobatic stunts. Cyril Takayama or Sero is a thirtyish master illusionist of Ryukyuan and French descent who is best known for Japanese magic performances. Also see Cyril Removes Head Incredible Magic. Magicien japonais de grand-papa d-acteur. Mago japones del grandpa del agente. Japanischer SchauspielergroBvatermagier. Traduccion de Yahoo Babelfish.
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Amazing demonstration of major single engine air acrobatics with Kirby.
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As a gag on his earlier show, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla animate a freshly shot game deer strapped to the hood of a car producing some PG-rated gags
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Illustrating humour in non-PC or Politically Correct Middle East wind up stunt gag clip
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This appropriately named video is from Do not attempt.
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Wild crazy odd hijinks maybe in Middle East India or Pakistan. Special effects were used to make these -we hope-.
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Take two candles iron nails magnets and illustrate how to generate electrical power with the flames...
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More cat pranks wind ups stunts gags humour. Comedia del gato. Commedia del gatto. Katzekomodie. Comedie de chat. De komedie van de kat. To the lyrics of -Kitty- by -The Presidents of the United States-.
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This video shows cellphones popping corn. This is the urban myth that we all fear. But do not be too upset. It is actually a hoax or a clever marketing scheme by a blue tooth cellular company
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Arkansas woman resuscitates hen. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation stunt. Terry Bradshaw shares the stage and joins in the laughter. Tonight Show with Jay Leno -Late night TV show- official NBC page. Givig chicken a blow job or chest compressions on TV.
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