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Use in Middle East combat. Use of remotely piloted drone for surveillance and as a combat weapon when it detonates. The Switchblade is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by AeroVironment. Verwendung der Remote vorgesteuerte Drohne zur Uberwachung und als Kampf Waffe wenn es detoniert. Der Switchblade ist ein unbemanntes Fluggerat von AeroVironment entwickelt. Uso del robot remotamente pilotado para vigilancia y como un arma de combate cuando se detona. La navaja es un vehiculo aereo no tripulado desarrollado por AeroVironment. Utilisation du drone teleguide pour surveillance et comme une arme de combat lorsqu-il explose. La Switchblade est un drone develope par AeroVironment. Grace a Microsoft Bing Translator. An unmanned aerial vehicle UAV -known in the mainstream as a drone and also referred to as an unpiloted aerial vehicle and a remotely piloted aircraft -RPA- per Wikipedia.
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USA National Security Agency routinely monitors all US citizens whether they engage in illegal activities or not. Edward Snowden -- brave whistle blower who opened up NSA data to the world -- in order to elucidate illegal surveillance. Traitor or treason or super-patriot -- which might he be.
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