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Teamwork is used in an illustration of innovative method for getting a new job. Pepsi-Cola North America-s Diet Pepsi Max zero-calorie ginseng-enhanced and extra caffeine .
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Added: 3758 days ago by caesarf
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Beverly Hill Billies beware. Here come the All-American Redneck Skeeting Shooting team.
Added: 3639 days ago by caesarf
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Wonder what dueling colored condoms or rubbers do when no one is watching is answered in this slightly steamy video complete with -menage a trois- a light-heard Durex advertizement with special effects.
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Slovenia High Schools Basketball League Bakros of Bezigrad High School. Using trampoline team executes of series of trick shots. Dunking Devils. Belgrade. University of Ljubljana.
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Wow. That guy can REALLY make his trick shots on the court. Most likely Turkish team. Possibly filmed in Istanbul or Ankara.
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Added: 3639 days ago by caesarf
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Sometimes things are not what they seem. Steamy little advert for AmeriQuest. Comedy business almost sex.
Added: 3945 days ago by cesara
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Spoof gag prank on lazy men going through mock military maneuvers drills exercises. Drill Team For Retired Guys complete with lawnchairs and goofy outfits including tee shirts and walking shorts.
Added: 4057 days ago by caesarg
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Le crochet fantastique Tampa Bay d-Evan Longoria rayonne l-equipe de baseball. Traduit par Yahoo BabelFish. Fantastischer Fang Tampa Bay Evan-Longoria Rays Baseballteam. Ubersetzt durch Yahoo BabelFish. El reten fantastico Tampa Bay de Evan Longoria irradia al equipo de beisbol. Traducido por Yahoo BabelFish.
Array Catcher Mitt
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This is world-s most costly advertisement and the winner of last year-s best advert of the world. It took 606 takes and re-takes to make at a cost of 6.2 million dollars for this 90 second commercial using Honda car parts...could probably make a movie for that. Everything is real with no graphics used and still look at the precision. The team that made this commercial won many awards.
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Added: 4185 days ago by caesarh
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Olympisches schwimmen Team. Equipe de natation olympique. Equipo de natacion olimpico. Nadar. Nager.
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