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Three German Shepherds in a bar as they line up to get a drink are hilarious. From BBC-s -That-s Life- these three German Shepherds sure enjoy this game involving a soda siphon. These dogs would be welcomed into any pub and provide the patrons with countless hours of entertainment. From BigGeekDaddy. Vintage BBC. Tale of three specially trained dogs. Subtitled in Dutch. Dutch text. Verhaal van de drie speciaal getrainde honden. Ondertiteld in het Nederlands. Nederlandse tekst. El al snel kwamen de drie Duitse herders binnen. Jade en haar twee puppy-s Guy en Izzy.
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When no one is looking man dares to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the mens room to the tune of -Born To Be Wild- from Steppenwolf 1968. German text says - Du hast einen Traum. Wir haben das Geld-. English translation -- You have a dream. We have the money.- Clip may be advert for Finnish bank.
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Entrainement tandis qu-accidents distraits de vehicule de causes. Fahren wahrend abgelenkte Ursachentragerunfalle. Azionamento mentre incidenti distratti del veicolo di cause. Conducao quando acidentes confundidos do veiculo das causas. Conduccion mientras que accidentes distraidos del vehiculo de las causas. Het drijven terwijl de afgeleide ongevallen van het oorzakenvoertuig. Dank aan Yahoo BabelFish.
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This video is in Portugal or Brazil or another Portugese country. The YouTube text is unclear as to whether it was a lighter or a cellular phone that causes the spectacular explosion. PG for violence because a man gets burned in fire.
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Which will win in a timed contest -- Morse Code or Text Messaging with Jay Leno
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The message is clear let-s not drive distracked by phone text or e-mail or smoking please... Great FX.
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Some people will do anything for a cute little stuffed animal and we mean anything... Toy from cloth plush textile stuffed with beans cotton fiber
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It has come to our attention that people are allowing their cellphones to go off during church services or people are texting or ... They could go to hell. Also No shoes -- no shirt -- no service. Thanks to Westminster Presbyterian Church Burbank California USA and Michael J. Cahill.
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