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Propeller driven aircraft. Bomber built in an hour. Willow Run Industrial Engineering at Ford.
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This slightly tongue-in-cheek orchestrial rendition might shock and awe and repel and worry us...
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Historical facts and American stupidity well-illustrated even on history of America on this stand-up comedian NBC-s Tonight Show who appeared as a character witness in the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson
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Asking for the young woman-s hand in marriage but... Verizon Wireless Commercial in Spanish for 30-day trial of telephone service
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Northrop-Grumman is building the X-47B for the USN. Built for launch from aircraft carrier. UCAS -- Unmanned Combat Air System. Trial scheduled for 2009 - 2011. UAV - Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle. Can carry one or two bombs.
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DiJet Industrial Company Japanese firm decides to make a square hole using a very interesting machine and machining method. DiJet Industrial Company Japanse onderneming besluit om te maken een vierkant gat met behulp van een zeer interessante machine en machinale bewerking methode. Entreprise japonaise de DiJet Industrial Company decide de faire un trou carre en utilisant une machine tres interessante et usinage de methode. DiJet Industrieunternehmen japanische Firma beschlieBt- einem viereckigen Loch verwenden eine sehr interessante Maschine und Bearbeitung Methode stellen. Firma japonesa de DiJet Industrial empresa decide hacer un agujero cuadrado usando una maquina muy interesante y metodo de mecanizado. Gracias a Bing Translator.
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B-24 Liberator units of the United States Army Air Forces. The USAAF took delivery of its first B-24As in June 1941 although the B-24D was the first production model delivered in quantity in July 1942. B-24s were assigned to every combat Air Force. At peak inventory the USAAF had 6043 B-24 Liberators operating world-wide in September 1944. Following the end of World War II the Liberator was rapidly withdrawn from USAAF service being replaced by the B-29 Superfortress. Also used by Australian Aussie Air Force. According to Wikipedia. An older generation American heavy Bomber built using first use Lean manufacturing.
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