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It is the idyllic Garden of Eden and everything is wonderful wonderful wundervoll except maybe it might be more like Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve... From Dutch sketch advert for Centraal Beheer insurance Apeldoorn Achmea. Bekijk de nieuwste commercial.
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Educational institution or shul sports this message to callers such as what lies to tell... from the Land Down Under.
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Brit police officer does not quite dress in uniform like another cop. British BBC version of American police officer gag. Keywords - BBC America cross dress drag hijinks gag humour Bobby Bobbie
Array Comedy  Police  Officer  Bobby  British  Jest 
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Police windup spoof gag joke... Que sucede si el oficial de policia que le esta dando un boleto para conducir intoxicado es aun mas borracho que estas. O que acontece se o policial que e dando-lhe um bilhete por dirigir embriagado e ainda mais bebado do que voce e. Cosa succede se l-ufficiale di polizia che vi da un biglietto per la guida di ebbrezza e ancor piu ubriaco che sei. Was passiert- wenn der Polizist- der Ihnen ein Ticket für den Antrieb gibt- wahrend berauscht sogar noch betrunken ist- als du bist. Que se passe-t-il si l-agent de police qui vous donne un ticket pour la conduite en etat d-ebriete est encore plus ivre que toi. Wat gebeurt er als de politieagent die je een ticket geeft voor het rijden onder invloed zelfs meer dronken is dan je bent. What happens if the police officer who is giving you a ticket for driving while intoxicated is even more drunk than you are. From 11.13.07 LASD - Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. spoof windup. Bing Translator.
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Katze-Rotwild-Tierliebe wundervollen Welt zur Louis-Armstrong. Amour animal de cerfs communs de chat au Monde Merveilleux de Louis Armstrong. Amor animal de los ciervos del gato al mundo maravilloso de Louis Armstrong. Gracias a la traduccion de Yahoo BabelFish.
Array God  Spirit  Kitty  Fawn  Doe  Buck 
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Het jonge Chinese wonder van de meisjespiano is ook gehandicapt. Le jeune prodige chinois de piano de fille est egalement desactive. Junges chinesisches Mädchenklavierwunder wird auch gesperrt. La giovane ragazza cinese il prodigy del piano che e inoltre ha reso invalida. A menina chinesa nova o prodigy do piano que e igualmente incapacitou. Traduzido por Yahoo BabelFish. El prodigy chino joven del piano de la muchacha tambien se inhabilita. Traducido por Yahoo BabelFish. Young Chinese girl piano prodigy is also disabled.
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Candid camera routine or gag with police or peace officers who are not quite in uniform. American version of BBC UK British Bobby stunt.
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Added: 4164 days ago by caesarf
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Series of dance moves often from weddings that end in funny falls pratfalls hijinks accidents -- all set to -You Can Dance- from -Men At Work-. From Wikipedia Men at Work was reggae-influenced rock band which achieved international success in the 1980s. Only Australians to reach Number 1 position in album and singles charts in US and UK with Business as Usual and -Down Under- respectively. Won 1983 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
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Silly commando clip as advert from US automaker Chevrolet
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This video demonstrates yet another Driving Under the Influence -- wild and wacky situation...
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