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AC 130 Spectre Spooky engagement per Wikipedia The AC 130 gunship is a heavily armed ground attack airplane. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed and Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship and for aircraft support It is a variant of the C 130 Hercules transport plane. The AC 130 Gunship II superseded the AC-47 Gunship I in Vietnam.
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Tiny dwarf goats celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick with everything green. Cabra enanas pequena celebra la fiesta de St. Patrick con todo verde. Chevre naine minuscule celebre la fete de St. Patrick avec tout vert. Winzigen Zwerg Ziege feiert das fest des St. Patrick alles grun. Capra nana piccoli celebra la festa di St. Patrick- con tutto il verde. Kleine dwerg geit viert het feest van St. Patrick met alles groen. Pieni kaapio vuohi viettaa juhlaa St. Patrick kaiken vihrean.
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Test missile in Alabama takes Iraqi or T 72 Soviet main battle tank first produced in 1971. The FGM 148 Javelin is an American portable anti tank guided missile.
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Peter- Paul and Mary were a United States folk-singing trio whose nearly 50-year career began with their rise to become a paradigm for 1960s folk music. The trio was composed of Peter Yarrow- Paul Stookey and Mary Travers. Pete Seeger writer. Labeled an Anti-War Anti-Viet Nam war protest song its theme may be wider since it originates from a traditional Ukrainian folk song about flowers hiding the last generation-s soldier-s graves.
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Brave Medal of Honor three separate acts of heroism. Robert Howard. Toughest fighter of the modern era. Eight Purple Hearts. Most heavily decorated American. Viet Nam. Laos. Cambodia. Wounded 14 times. 2 Masters degrees.
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Robert Howard. Medal of Honor. Most decorated American. Nominated for 3 Medals of Honor from Nixon. Most decorated veteran. Distinguished Medals. Alabama. Green Beret. Special Forces. Visit - or Wikipedia which shows all his awards. Wounded 14 times. 5 tours in Viet Nam. Obama shows up for ceremony...
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