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History fact or fiction is recorded in this silliness from BuzzFeed. Roman Vomitorium. Christopher Columbus flat earth. Benjamin Franklin. Lightning and Electricity. Myths regarding the following -- Vikings. Pasta. Marco Polo. Napoleon. Moors or Morros.
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BuzzFeed presents updates to history. Like Marco Polo. Christopher Columbus. Napoleon. Benjamin Franklin and lightning and electricity. And the truth about the vomitorium. And where pasta really came from -- not China -- but the Arab Moors...
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Hampshire Fire Brigade hosts this windup gag modeled after British equivalent of Navy Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbirds making Monty Python proud. Like Swiss PC-7 German Vikings or Indian Suryakirans or Yugaslov Flying Stars. Or Spanish Aguila Patrulla Acrobatica del Ejercito del Aire Espanol.
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