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Tell Me Why. Teaching international brotherhood and sisterhood and a fraternity of peace and good will toward all humankind. Reminiscent of John Lennon-s -Imagine- the world without world wars and strife. Declan John Galbraith was born in 1991 and is an English singer with Scottish and Irish musical traditions. Declan tho- British is best known in Germany first where his widest releases were made and in China where his songs are sometimes used to teach children English. Declan and his family live in Hoo -- a village near Rochester Kent England. From Wikipedia.
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Southwest steward demonstrates his stuff.
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Beverly Hill Billies beware. Here come the All-American Redneck Skeeting Shooting team.
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Remarkable crossover SUV can go seaward. To -American Dreamin Lyrics- Rap- Hip Hop Jay-Z or Shawn Corey Carter formerly of Def Jam Recordings and owner of the New Jersy Nets according to Wikipedia.
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Marines should not come to the liberal haven in California. Bastion of progressive American politics. Comedy Central-s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
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Louie Armstrong song What a Wonderful World accompanies Shadow Hand Work from 7th Annual 2007 Helpmann Awards
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Hey. Let-s play a joke on our friend. What ridiculous thing can we get him to do. Wuss oh my god that was not a man sound... Ce n-etait pas le bruit d-un athlete d-homme. Der war nicht der Ton eines Mannathleten. Ese no era el sonido de un atleta del hombre. Gym. Traduccion BabelFish.
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Propeller driven aircraft. Bomber built in an hour. Willow Run Industrial Engineering at Ford.
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Frank Caliendo instead of Bush this time does memorable comedic Clinton impression. From Wikipedia -- William Jefferson Bill Clinton born August 19 1946 in Hope Arkansas outskirts of Texarka was 42nd US President serving from 1993 to 2001. Third youngest president older only than Theodore Roosevelt and Kennedy. President at end of Cold War and the first baby boomer president since he was born in the period after World War II.
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Automated highly sophisticated police system for licence plate recognition system. Computer processes video images using pattern recognition software. British Columbia peace officers. On-board computer performs automated scans for auto theft stolen vehicles suspected terrorism etc.
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