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In celebration of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-s 50th anniversary a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air was crashed into a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu -- visually demonstrating how far automobile safety has come in 50 years.
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Terrorist get thru but busty woman -- no way...
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Amazing cadcosystems video of a plane landing on top of the world-s shortest runway -- top of a moving motorhome. Hillsboro Air Show Portland Oregon. Featured on King5 NBC Evening Magazine Seattle Washington. Also CNN Headline News.
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Near perfect landing but no. Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea with a land area of 17 square kilometres or 630 sq. mi. and is one of 26 parts of France Republic since 2007. Thanks to Wikipedia and Yahoo BabelFish. Parecia ser un aterrizaje perfecto pero No. Pareceu ser uma aterragem perfeita mas o no. E sembrato essere un atterraggio perfetto ma il no. Zu sein schienen eine vollkommene Landung aber Nr. A semble etre un atterrissage parfait mais le numero. Scheen het perfecte landen maar nr te zijn.
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The chameleon is supposed to be able to change its colours to match its surroundings but in this case it demonstrates remarkable powers -- but these could be Special Effects. To the Electro lyrics of -Eat My Bear- from Yuksek from -Away From The Sea- appearing in Tokyo and Osaka Japan and Belgium and the UK and NYC. French born as Pierre Alexandre Busson.
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What else can go wrong on the road... Giant California earthquake San Andreas fault
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Even though everyone is looking man dares to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the tune of -Born To Be Wild- from Steppenwolf 1968. Man has a dream. Clip may be Norwegian. Quoique chacun regarde l-homme ose monter sa moto de Harley-Davidson pour un montant de - soutenu pour etre sauvage de Steppenwolf 1968. L-homme a un reve. L-agrafe peut etre norvegienne. Aven om alla ser manen vagar for att rida hans Harley-Davidson motorcykel till trimma av - fott att vara Wild- fran Steppenwolf 1968. Manen har en drom. Fästa ihop kan vara norskt. Alhoewel iedereen kijkt durft de mens om zijn motorfiets van Harley-Davidson op de melodie van te berijden - Geboren van Steppenwolf 1968 Wild te zijn. De mens heeft een droom. De klem kan Noors zijn. Aun cuando cada uno esta mirando atrevimientos del hombre para montar su motocicleta de Harley-Davidson por una suma de - llevado ser salvaje de Steppenwolf 1968. El hombre tiene un sueno. El clip puede ser noruego.
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Fireworks should not be used in this way -- pul-leaze... Botella cohete fuegos artificiales petardo idiota pedo. Flasche Raketen Feuerwerk Firecracker Idiot Furz. Garrafa foguete pirotecnico Firecracker idiota peido. Bottle Rocket Firework petard Idiot Fart. Bing Translator
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British soldiers camp it up to the tune of -Is this the way to Amarillo-. Per Wikipedia On 13 May 2005 another spoof video of the song made by the United Kingdom Royal Dragoon Guards stationed in Iraq was emailed so frequently it crashed a server at the UK Ministry of Defence. The -Peter Kay- character credited as -Lucky Pierre- refer to gay sex.
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Frank Sinatra narrates two top American tap dancers in a black and white hoofer extravaganza.
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