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Cat shows amazing patience while puppy has fun... De kat heeft geduld met weinig hond. La patience tolerance chat chiot. Welpenkatze-Toleranzgeduld. Paciencia tolerancia gato filhote cachorro. El gato tiene paciencia con perrito.
Array Comedy  Animal  Dog  Doggie 
Channels Animals  Comedy 
Added: 3294 days ago by cesara
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Police windup spoof gag joke... Que sucede si el oficial de policia que le esta dando un boleto para conducir intoxicado es aun mas borracho que estas. O que acontece se o policial que e dando-lhe um bilhete por dirigir embriagado e ainda mais bebado do que voce e. Cosa succede se l-ufficiale di polizia che vi da un biglietto per la guida di ebbrezza e ancor piu ubriaco che sei. Was passiert- wenn der Polizist- der Ihnen ein Ticket für den Antrieb gibt- wahrend berauscht sogar noch betrunken ist- als du bist. Que se passe-t-il si l-agent de police qui vous donne un ticket pour la conduite en etat d-ebriete est encore plus ivre que toi. Wat gebeurt er als de politieagent die je een ticket geeft voor het rijden onder invloed zelfs meer dronken is dan je bent. What happens if the police officer who is giving you a ticket for driving while intoxicated is even more drunk than you are. From 11.13.07 LASD - Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. spoof windup. Bing Translator.
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Added: 2199 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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Change that Volkswagen car rubber while the car is running is illustrated. Changez la ceinture en caoutchouc d-automobile avec le fonctionnement de moteur. Cambie la correa de goma del automovil con el funcionamiento del motor. Andern Sie den Automobilgummigurt mit Triebwerklauf.
Array Coche  Carro  Repair  Service 
Channels Cars  Business  Tech 
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Array Nude  Naked  Topless 
Channels Sports  Comedy  Travel/Vacation 
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Mafioso CAN drive in the car pool lane. But let-s look in the trunk. DWI Driving While Italian.
Array Car  Pool  Lane  Mafia  Police  Italian  Italia  Mafioso 
Channels Cars  Comedy  Crime 
Added: 2216 days ago by caesarfmchavez
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What is causing the problems in this old scary house. And remember that old scary haunted houses need to be cleaned once in awhile... From BuzzFeed a NYC-based media company.
Array Dirt  Devil  Exorcist  Scary  Creepy 
Channels Comedy  Tech 
Added: 875 days ago by cesara
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Surprising accident in an urban environment...
Array Comedy  Car  Coche  Pelota  Accidente  Choque 
Channels Cars  Comedy  Business 
Added: 3245 days ago by cesara
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Need A LOT more cholesterol in your diet and also fun while you slowly kill yourself with real sugar and real fats including lard is illustrated in this restaurant. Arteries clogging. Taste worth dying for. Chandler Arizona
Channels Comedy  Dancers  Medical 
Added: 3354 days ago by cesara
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Accident while trying to tow boat with helicopter
Array Helicopter  Boat  Tow 
Channels Sports  Travel/Vacation  Other 
Added: 4029 days ago by caesarh
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Inside the cruise ship. A l-interieur du bateau de croisiere. Im Inneren des Kreuzfahrtschiffes. Dentro de la nave de crucero. GroBe Kreuzfahrtschiff trifft schwere Wetter und fast die ganze Zeit zu kentern das Gerausch des Themas der TV show Love Boat. Large cruise ship hits heavy weather and nearly capsizes all the while to the sound of the theme of the TV show Love Boat. Crucero grande golpea una tormenta fuerte y casi vuelca todo el tiempo que el sonido del tema de la TV show Love Boat. Gracias a BingTranslator. Grand paquebot frappe le gros temps et presque chavire pendant tout ce temps pour le son du theme de la TV show Love Boat. Grace a BingTranslator.
Array Boat  Cruise  Ship  Bote  Storm  Waves 
Channels Comedy  Travel/Vacation 
Added: 1500 days ago by caesarf
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